Best Way to Generate Leads & Make Conversion Using Social Media


Any Social media platform in the right hands can be an awfully powerful tool for promotion and lead conversions. But in order to become a successful social media optimizer, it will take some lesson learning, time. Patience, testing, and extreme dedication. You will need a good quality engagement with highly-prized and original content to generate leads, increase reaches, making conversions, and ultimately profiting with sales.

Best Way to Generate Leads & Make Conversion Using Social Media

There are different social media platforms where you can publish, promote, and make progress with your desired product. Well reputed and renowned social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a few others. First, build up a decent reach and following in each medium. This can take some patience and effort from your end as audience building is not easy. After you have built that up, your followers need to engage with highly rated and original content.

Well, this is just the easy part if you are wondering what could be the next challenge; there is a whole list for you to cover in this article. But hold onto your nerve as we got your back, we will make sure you understand all the points with our brief explanation.

This brief article emphasizes on how to generate leads and make conversions using social media. Although paid contents and social media ads create a great platform for securing leads and conversion, we will discuss only the unpaid content in social media. We will also teach you how to degree the marks of your efforts. So here it goes.

Best Ways to Generate Leads & Make Conversion using Social Media

Optimization of external content with social media

Be in effect at producing leads with social media platforms by treating them as a major part of your inclusive content marketing medium. Social media is a great way to distribute and market your product and content. It is where the traffic and the concerned audience is, which is why it is the best source to gain potential buyers. It is one form of a landing page available to you.

But what counts more than anything is the quality of the content you are connecting to, and the format you are using in each medium. There are multiple possibilities that lead to generation and conversion for social media. One is to post your blog with a relevant link to the landing page. The other is to get your traffic sign up for the mailing list.

For an instance, you are running a traveling business and maintaining a social media profile of it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Instagram. You want to initiate a marketing campaign on your platform of any destination such as Denmark. You can write a blog about anything relevant to the topic like cheapest flights to Copenhagen, which is Danish capital, and promote is in your campaigns. You need to share the blog on your social platforms so that traffic is diverted from those channels onto yours.

It is imperative to provide the most relevant link in the social media post, as a simple homepage link will damage any hope of converting leads. Suppose, for an instance you are running a travel business or agency, and you want to share your content about ‘Creating Awareness on Cheap Flight Comparison’. But the link instead takes the potential reader to the homepage of your website. This will result not only in the drop in your traffic viewers but also in the increase of your bounce rate.

Friendly and entertaining promotion

We hate to break it to you, but if we don’t, the purpose of this article will not be fulfilled. If you publish the link to your homepage instead of that blog article’s link, the flow of traffic will not increase automatically, it will decrease instead. If you want to avoid this to happen, you will need to approach the matter in a more creative and friendly manner, which is entertaining, productive, and natural to each social media platform.

The way of presenting your blogs, home page, or any other link is crucial in order to determine the traffic influx on your webpage. A convincing, persuasive, and creative image with a strong message will always generate leads and help you secure conversions.

Just like in the previous point we discussed an example of a traveling business. We are going to go forward in this point with the same one. You can always provide funny, informative or entertaining content for the purpose of promoting your business. People tend to take humor with laughter and curiosity, which is why they will surely respond to your social media post. In this way, they will automatically provide you with a lead, and if the landing page is compelling enough, the leads will turn into conversions in no time. The art of presentation is the key to the success of your work for leads and conversions, so master it and see your business shine.

Try not to post links to your content

Sometimes, even big-time companies start using their social media for RSS feeds and nothing much otherwise. It is important to do more with your social media strategy rather than just posting RSS feeds.

You can always create a corny relevant joke which not only entertains its viewers but also drive them to look further. If a big part of your target audience is marketers, it is highly imperative to set a precedent with that funny joke. You can also engage your audience with a quote from a wise person, along with linking to any other creative article and blog from any other industry. You can also engage them with a certain question, to know more about their likeness.

Track results with analytics

You have done everything in your playbooks o generate leads and make conversions, but how can you track results? The answer is simple and brief, Google Analytics.

Maintain your goals in Google Analytics and keep a track on them. It will become easier for you to analyze which post is directing traffic and which isn’t. This can also help you to determine which presentation and posting style should you choose in future, in order to make conversions.


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