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If you are interested in natural science, engineering, computer science, mathematics, or any related discipline, a bachelor’s degree in science is a great choice. Moreover, as a necessity for a wide variety of job pathways, this is available at most of the leading BSc colleges in Coimbatore.

Additionally, the nicest part about doing a BSc course is that it will teach you a variety of multidisciplinary skills. So, if you are interested in the best career chances that come with a BSc degree and the various aspects that go into earning one, you can continue reading this blog.

BSc- Course Information

BSc is a study that lakhs of students take each year, and because there are so many specializations available, students can choose the one that best suits their interests. Furthermore, as the field of science and technology has grown significantly in recent years, one of the main reasons to think about obtaining a BSc is the constant need for qualified individuals with scientific backgrounds.

Course TypeUndergraduate
Duration 3 years; Semester mode
Basic Eligibility Criteria ● Candidates must complete Class XII in the Science stream from an accredited board with an overall grade point average of at least 50% to 60%.

● Applicants should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) as their core subjects.
Average Course Fee Between INR 20,000 – 2,00,000 or above.

Popular BSc Courses offered by the colleges in Tamilnadu

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Information Technology
  • BSc Costume Design and Fashion
  • BSc Electronics and Communication
  • BSc Food Science and Technology
  • BSc Catering and Hotel Management
  • BSc Data Science
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • BSc Digital and Cyber Forensic Science
  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Visual Communication

What are the best employment prospects based on various BSc courses?

You will receive a comprehensive overview of the job options that follow after earning your BSc from the best colleges in Tamilnadu for Arts and Science.

● BSc in Computer Science

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Computer Systems Analyst2.8 – 7 LPA
Hardware Developer0.8 – 3 LPA
Network Administrator1.6 – 9 LPA
Software Developer1.8 – 7 LPA
Computer Programmer10.6 – 14 LPA

● BSc in Information Technology

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
IT Consultant 5 – 10 LPA
Network Engineer 4 – 6.78 LPA
Web Designer2.33 – 4 LPA
Technical Sales Representative2.92 – 3.5 LPA
Application Analyst3 – 4.20 LPA

● BSc in Costume Design and Fashion

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Accessory Designer 4.8 – 9 LPA
Fashion Event Manager 2.2 – 4 LPA
Product Line Controller 1.8 – 8 LPA
Visual Merchandiser3.5 – 7 LPA
Quality Controller 2.0 – 4.3 LPA

● BSc in Visual Communication

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Instructional Designer6 – 7 LPA
Graphic Illustrator3.6 – 5 LPA
Production Assistant2.6 – 4 LPA
Media Marketing Executive2.7 – 5 LPA
Advertising Agent4.5 – 6 LPA

● BSc in Food Science and Nutrition

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Nutritionist3.0 – 4 LPA
Food Research Analyst2.4 – 3 LPA
Dietician2 – 5 LPA
Food Technologist2.7 – 3.5 LPA
Food Services Manager6.6 – 7 LPA

● BSc in Catering and Hotel Management

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Restaurant and Food Services Manager 4.5 – 6.6 LPA
Banquet Manager4.8 – 5 LPA
Executive Chef 7 – 8 LPA
Front Office Manager2.4 – 3 LPA
Housekeeping Supervisor 1.5 – 2 LPA

● BSc in Electronics and Communication

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Electronic Sales Manager2 – 8 LPA
Service Engineer1.5 – 3 LPA
Electronics Technician0.2 – 2 LPA
Broadcast and Sound Technician3 – 4 LPA
Electronics and Communication Consultant2.5 – 6 LPA

● BSc in Biochemistry

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Biochemist2.4 – 7.3 LPA
Forensic Scientist 3 – 5 LPA
Physician Associate 5 – 6 LPA
Biomedical Scientist 3.3 – 6 LPA
Scientific Laboratory Technician 3.2 – 4.5 LPA

● BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Robotics Engineer 1.8 – 8 LPA
Business Intelligence Developer 2.5 – 5 LPA
Research Scientist 3 – 6.6 LPA
Data Scientist 3.6 – 9 LPA
Software Engineer2.5 – 5.3 LPA

● BSc in Data Science

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Data Solutions Analyst7 – 11 LPA
Statistical Analyst6.02 – 7 LPA
Web & Social Media Analyst3 – 5 LPA
CRM Analyst4.5 – 6 LPA
Data Scientist5 – 8.2 LPA

● BSc in Digital and Cyber Forensic Science

Job Profiles Average Salary (in INR)
Information Security Analyst3 – 6 LPA
Computer Forensics Technician2 – 5 LPA
Forensic Computer Analyst2.5 – 6 LPA
Security Consultant4 – 7.5 LPA
Information Systems Security Analyst3 – 5.3 LPA

Prominent Academic Courses to pursue after a BSc

With a degree in any scientific discipline, you can achieve the heights of success you aspire to in life, and a profession in any B.Sc field will provide a large number of opportunities. However, the best colleges in Coimbatore offer the following higher education program for greater career advancements:

● Master of Science (MSc)

It is normally a two-year programme that gives students entry-level expertise in both science and their chosen career. Moreover, this postgraduate program gives a theoretical and practical understanding of the main scientific concepts.

● Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA is a management and marketing-focused academic program that covers organizational behavior, marketing, management principles, supply chain management, operations management, etc. Additionally, the BSc Computer Science colleges in Coimbatore train you for cutting-edge MBA programs that offer attractive job opportunities in the current job market.

Why choose Cheran Arts and Science College among the prolific BSc Colleges in Coimbatore?

● By adhering to an upgraded and skill-based BSc curriculum, it focuses a stronger emphasis on the forefront of innovation, which acts as the location of revolutionary research and inspired learning.

● The faculty at the institute is made up of seasoned professionals of the highest caliber who genuinely provide high-quality education.

● As one of the top BSc colleges in Coimbatore, it concentrates on research programs that serve organizations, businesses, and society as a whole.

● Overall, the college aspires to build a network of international partnerships that will work together across disciplines to create the future.

Wrapping Up

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is an excellent investment that lays the foundation for further education or a career in a field related to science or engineering. Furthermore, if you are interested in advancing your technical and scientific knowledge in fields like computer science, and biochemistry, it can be the right choice.


1. Do BSc courses have a good placement rate?

Students who earn a B.Sc degree have significant work chances, as they are not only limited to the scientific field; and can also pursue careers in management, engineering, law, etc. Additionally, you will receive outstanding placement aid if you study at Cheran Arts and Science College.

2. How can a degree in Science be applied to our daily activities?

Students get the chance to learn more about how and why things work in general through science education. Therefore, a BSc degree can instruct students about the world around them, and can also explain the workings of complex systems, including human anatomy and transportation methods.

3. Can someone with a BSc pursue a Master of Social Work?

Yes, you can enroll in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program with a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in any stream from a recognized university. However, most Indian universities require students to have at least a 50% average in their undergraduate program.


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