Why Gaming PC is Expensive


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The cost of gaming PCs is astronomical, especially compared to consoles. But why?

The answer lies in the complexity of the supply chain and manufacturing process for PCs. While video game consoles can be automated to a great extent, the PC supply chain is more complicated and lengthy, which makes it more expensive.

Supply and Demand

There is an eternal battle in the gaming world between console gamers and PC gamers. Some people believe that a PC can be better than a console for gaming purposes because it is more powerful.

However, a gaming PC is also more expensive than a console because of the hardware components it uses. These components are often 300% more powerful than the average video game console, meaning they have to be built with extra horsepower to run games smoothly and at top resolutions and frame rates.

This adds up to a lot of cost for a gaming PC and it has a big impact on the overall price. This is especially true with a high-end rig, which uses the highest quality components available.


The inflation rate is a major factor when it comes to why pc online casino united states gaming is so expensive. The inflation rate is the amount that the cost of things such as fuel, food and medicine rises each year.

Inflation can impact people, businesses and nations in positive or negative ways. It can be helpful to lower fixed interest rates for borrowers, and investors can enjoy a boost if they own assets that increase alongside inflation.

It’s important to understand inflation in order to make the best financial decisions for your company. This includes understanding the causes of inflation, how it impacts the economy and what you can do to reduce its effects.

Demand for Video Editing

As the digital world continues to dominate and video content takes over a greater portion of social media and advertising, there is a demand for skilled video editors.

In fact, video editing is one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With an expected 14% growth through 2028, aspiring video editors have never had it better.

There are many opportunities for specialized video editing roles such as color grading, sound mixing, cinematography, and special effects. Taking classes in these areas or obtaining training can help you build experience and increase the amount of money that is offered for your work.


The mining industry produces many useful substances, but it has its downsides as well. Among them is the environmentally damaging process of mining coal and metals, including copper. Fortunately, there are other ways to extract the good stuff, namely solar power and geothermal heat.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an engineer to reap the rewards of this awe-inspiring technology. A simple Google search will show you a whole host of companies vying to be the most efficient in this arena.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an industrialist looking for the next big thing, there’s a lot to learn about this burgeoning industry. The best way to do it is to read up on the latest news and developments, and take advantage of free resources like those on this site.

Supply Chain Issues

PC gaming is often regarded as more expensive than console games, but that’s not entirely true. One of the main reasons for this is because PC gamblingmentor.org games require more complex and long-lasting hardware and manufacturing.

This means that the supply chain for gaming computers is inherently longer and more complicated than it is for video game consoles. This is especially true when constructing a custom PC for an individual customer.

In addition, the global COVID-19 pandemic has created many lockdowns that have hampered the production of the computer chips necessary for gaming PCs and other devices. This shortage of chips has pushed up the prices of new PCs by a lot, and it’s only expected to get worse in the coming months.


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