A 2021 Guide: How to Pick the Best Footwear When Travelling


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You’ve booked your flight, your accommodation and documents have been sorted out, and the only task left for your adventure is packing your bags. The most dreaded task is packing for shoes. Choosing shoes to go with you on your trip can be difficult because of how specific shoes are on purpose, and you’re left with the task of packing pairs that can last you in your entire trip. Well going to a good store of shoes like ugg store can be a good idea in such state. You will be able to sift out variety of slippers or shoes for you as per the requirement for travelling hours. It is the best thing to choose best slippers for better comfort during travelling always.

A 2021 Guide - How to Pick the Best Footwear When Travelling

When packing, it’s easy to overpack when you want to look your best on your trip, but you must avoid overpacking. You have to think about the costs of overpacking, the possibility of you bringing home goodies from your travels, how you’re going to carry everything, etc.

When packing, a good strategy is you should only pack shoes that are only meant for your planned activities. There are three categories for travel shoes: walking, hiking, and casual wear. If you want to look your best and be comfortable at the same time, read below what shoes you can use for every activity in your list.

Walking Shoes


If you want to explore a city, you would like to wear a pair of sneakers rather than a five-inch heel so that your feet won’t be in pain. You won’t have to opt for a couple of trainers because shoes of this kind are comfortable and fashionable!


You would want a cozy pair of boots in a location with a cool, fall, or winter climate; pack your walking or winter boots now! You won’t have to worry about a chance of precipitation that can ruin your day’s plans when you wear these boots. It contrasts with a pair of sneakers where you have to be careful that it doesn’t rain or else your shoes will get soaked and possibly get ruined.

If you’re interested in getting your own paid, contact UGG Express to get your very own cold weather boots! Uggs go with winter; it’s hard not to associate winter or spring with a pair of uggs. You would want a reliable pair of shoes that can keep elements out of your boots but still appropriate for walking outside during the day. You can beat the weather by being prepared with your uggs, and you won’t look out of place!

Most comfortable steel toe boots for standing are probably necessary for your line of work if you’re a plumber, electrician, HVAC expert, carpenter, or general contractor.

Walking Sandals

When exploring a city’s top attractions, especially with a warm location, walking sandals are the best to let your toes breathe. Some places would require you to slip off your shoes, making this type of sandal beneficial to anyone who wears it because they’re easy to slip on.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking Sandal

Sturdy hiking sandals are perfect for less-intensive or short hikes and long walks outside. When visiting waterfalls in your trail, rely on these sandals while carrying your backpack. It’s not that heavy-duty, and you can use it to explore the city because these sandals are so reliable. Tourists often add this to their luggage when visiting countries so that they won’t get tired quickly.

Backpacking Boot

Backpacking boots are catered to those who want extra ankle support. It’s a heavy-duty footwear, and it’s used when you’re carrying a heavy backpack or planning to trek for a good number of days on rough terrain. Indeed, these boots are heavy to use. Still, it’s incredibly durable, and it’ll give you comfort when you’re already worn out by hiking.

Hiking/Trekking Shoes

When you want to hike the mountains of Korea, for example, you can opt for hiking or trekking footwear during winter. It offers extensive protection during cold climates and extra stability. Additionally, these types of shoes are perfect for an off-the-trail or mid-distance hike.

Casual Shoes


This footwear is much more durable than flip-flops, and they’re easier to wear. It’s easy to pack in your suitcase, and it makes decent footwear when visiting the local market or exploring the nearest museum.

Flip Flops

When visiting tropical countries or beachy locations, flip-flops are a must! Lightweight footwear when going on the beach makes it worry-free when you step on the sand. Additionally, the material of flip-flops makes it perfect when you get out of the water and wear the footwear because it won’t get ruined by water.

Additionally, flip-flops are another must when you enter campsite showers or hostel bathrooms. Avoid going barefoot everywhere because commonly used in bathrooms by strangers as it can grow foot fungus on the grounds.

Slip-On Shoes

If you don’t want to show your toes or if you want more appropriate footwear, opt for a casual slip-on that’s simple to wear and pack!


When packing for your journey through different locations, always remember to bring shoes you only genuinely need. An ideal number of shoes to carry when traveling is only two to three pairs of shoes. You must wear these pairs more than once, and they must be essential for your trip.


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