5 Ways to Improve Your PC Gaming Outcomes


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While you may not be the best player out there, it’s still important to perform well. It’s a matter of pride but it also stops other players from ribbing you about your low KD ratio or total points. Be very selective when choosing your prebuilt gaming pc and choose the accessories wisely. To improve over time, here are 5 ways to maximise your relative performance.

5 Ways to Improve Your PC Gaming Outcomes

1. Use the Best Gear You Can Afford

A paracord mouse is one that’s made with a gaming wired mouse and replacement cabling. The cord supplied with corded mice is usually the lowest quality part of the gear. Often, it snakes around, gets tangled up just at the wrong moment, and is overly cumbersome. Isn’t it time for something better?

Using a paracord mouse from MouseOne lets you fly across the battlefield. A good reaction time won’t get slowed down by a weighty mouse cord. Get a jump on your competitors in a way that they’d never suspect!

2. Improve Your Gaming Strategy

Depending on the type of game that you like to play, strategy usually comes into it at some stage. Even with a first-person shooter where you’re running towards the sound of gunfire, it’s necessary to avoid dumb moves by anticipating what the enemy may do. This way, it’s not all about reaction times where sly and cunning come into it too.

And here, we’re not talking about “strategically waiting” aka camping either! Waiting for opportunities, faking a move to force the opposition to put a foot wrong, and doing the unexpected can get better results.

3. Remove All Distractions

When gaming, use a pair of high-quality headphones to hear every footstep or distant rustling sound. To not miss these, it’s necessary to avoid all distractions. Distractions are the enemy of high gaming scores. When you let your concentration wander, that’s when the enemy is most likely to surprise you and seize the opportunity that you’ve opened up.

4. Eat or Drink Something

If you’re gaming for a few hours, it’s important to stop to eat something and keep your hydration levels up. Some players may consume an energy drink or a cup of coffee, but that’s more of a personal choice because the effect will wear off. Don’t suffer a loss of concentration due to poor nutrition and skipping mealtimes. You won’t win matches that way.

5. Get Training or Watch Your Gameplay

Many gamers looking to improve will purposely take steps to do so.

They will either:

Get a trainer – Find a gamer who trains other players. They will likely have insights into what you’re doing wrong and how to change the style of play to get better results. Even small tweaks to the strategy and default actions taken can boost your score by 10-20% in a short time.

Record the Gameplay – Watching your gameplay is extremely revealing. When you see the playback, it will refresh your memory as to what you were thinking at the time, why you took the actions that you did, and how it all went wrong. You’ll see better ways to deal with that scenario and can use that in the future.

PC gaming is competitive. While you may never be close to the best, you still want to be the best that’s possible for you. The above suggestions should get you nearer to that standard.


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