5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Letting Agent


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Many agents are marketing residential property and it’s becoming difficult to know the best letting agent manage your property. You find out that these letting are offering the same packages, but you will note the difference if you’re keen. Although you may find yourself lured by the price, please don’t consider it because the value is high.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Letting Agent

If you own a property in London and are looking for an agent, you will need to trust one from numerous different companies on the market. You must Review property agent before hiring them. Get in touch with the top letting agents in London to help you manage your property. If you need help choosing one, this article will guide you to find the right letting agent.

1. Choose the Services You Need

First up, you need to think of the level of service you need, including tenant-find only and property management. If you consider tenant-find means letting agents find tenants and do all the paperwork, you must maintain the property. Also, they collect rent from the tenants.

In hand property management, the letting agent is responsible for the whole property and finding tenants. It would be best if you decided the period, you’re available to manage your property or need help. Remember that it won’t be possible to work it well if you live far from the property.

2. Seek Local Letting Agents

Once it’s time to look for help in managing your property, it’s time to identify all possible local letting agents. You can get the information from an online listing, forms, and guidance from other successful landlords. It would be best if you had research on agents with good reviews from tenants and the landlords.

However, letting agents with no experiment can discourage the tenants from remaining in your property or renting for the first time. After identification, you need to speak to the agent to see how they respond. You need to ask the period they have been renting property and whether they have a tenant who needs to rent the property.

3. Communication and Understanding

Communication is the key to a successful business that will have to be considered. You will need a letting agent who can understand and manage your property portfolio and should be able to handle issues whenever it arises. For instance, if the tenant changes the landlord should be able to understand.

Taking into account an entire understanding of current market trends should be your priority. Your letting agent needs well-documented communication that leads to more business opportunities. Besides, it should apply to local building designs and any other trending issues that may arise.

4. Complying With a Deposit Law

It would be best to find full management service from an agent to deal with security deposits paid by tenants. This money is usually offered by tenants and can be some month’s rent, covering any damage caused by the tenant if it occurs. According to law, such money needs registration with the government to approve the tenant scheme.

Always as the agent for the tenant scheme to confirm its registration. You need to follow up with the Code of Recommended Practice that contains all the requirements letting agents and landlords meet in the tenancy deposit scheme.

5. Look For the ARLA Logo

Anyone can set up their own letting agent company, but ARLA registered can be trusted for their services. Services offered by letting agents deliver a high level of financial protection to landlords and tenants. But the law protects them through ARLA Propertymark with the hold of separate accounts which are independently audited.

All letting agents need to be part of the Client Money Protection Scheme to avoid any fraud. In such a situation, both the landlord and tenants will reimburse for any loss. Always consider an agent who complies with such government regulation to hand your property into the wrong hands of fraudsters.


When you’re looking for an agent, you will find different companies to choose from, so you trust the right companies. You need an agent who can demonstrate success in marketing your property to have tenants.

Hopefully, by considering the information mentioned earlier, you will have a better idea of getting a suitable agent to manage your property portfolio.


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