How Will Dentistry Advance?


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The world wakes up to new technologies and trends daily, and the dental industry is no exception. Dentists can apply a broad range of contemporary and innovative practices and tools to improve life quality and offer the best experiences for patients.

How Will Dentistry Advance

This article looks into exciting dentistry trends that will take place in the future. It’s all dazzling smiles with a top-up of convenience and efficacy, from live consultations to emotional dentistry. Read on to discover more!

Key Dental Trends for the Future

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms have become part of the dental world and are not going anywhere anytime soon. You can expect an increased frequency in the use of these algorithms. They are valuable in analysing data in the healthcare system and further recommend treatments for patients. They utilise patient data, research facts, and treatment methods for a solution that can provide maximum results. This also saves dentists time and effort of intricate and more prolonged processes.

Smart Toothbrushes

With the emergence of smart technologies, it’s hard to point out how this can impact your everyday tool. Smart electric toothbrushes have been available for decades. But now, you can pair them with a mobile application and the proper techniques for a sparkling clean. The app records the frequency of brushing sessions and whether you are overdoing or underdoing them. With these smart additions, patients can rest assured that their brushing is effective enough to clear plaque and tartar buildup and prevent tooth decay, cavities, periodontitis, and gum disease. These better oral hygiene practices extend to the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth for an enduring fresh breath.

Live Consults

Travelling to meet your dental appointments should no longer pose a challenge with more effortless live consultations in the future. Whether you live with a disability, reside in a remote area, or experience fear or anxiety during your visits to the Best Dentist in Eugene OR, this new trend is ideal. The pandemic fostered various lifestyle changes, and virtual platforms were the only way dentists could attend to their patients. Even after the pandemic, eConsult forms and virtual consults will persist for dental check-ups and other services to meet the needs of those struggling to get to the dentist’s office.

Emotional Dentistry

This type of dentistry goes beyond the physical components of the dental field. It looks into the emotional and mental features and effects of the practice. Emotional dentistry seeks to develop an emotional connection between patients and their smiles. It generates images of the patients’ appearance after the procedure to calm their nerves and know what to expect. It helps when patients are more confident that the process is a means to achieve their desired results. This practice aims to improve patients’ experience and increase self-esteem.

Increased Interest in Cosmetic Dentistry

Virtual meetings like Zoom have made people aware of facial aspects and components of their visual looks that they’d like to change. So it’s no surprise that Botox, fillers, and other cosmetic treatments keep growing popular. The same goes for cosmetic dentistry. Common issues include deformed jaws, excessively showing gums, gummy smiles, and misaligned teeth. Cosmetic procedures have become the new normal in the last few years. The trend is likely to increase as more people make investments in their facial appearances to evoke poise. Besides, cosmetic dental procedures are more affordable than ever, with flexibility in payments.


You can now effortlessly enhance confidence with a glitzy smile by tapping into various treatment options that address dental issues. New technologies and practices seek to make you as comfortable as possible while achieving the best possible results. The evolving and adaptive dentistry world offers convenience, more treatment options, and worthwhile experiences. Book an appointment with your East Bentleigh dentist for an expert opinion on the best treatment today.


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