5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Logo Design


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What is a logo if you looked in the dictionary, it gave you the definition something along the lines of a logo is a symbol, a sign or an emblem but basically, logo is the face of the company. Logo’s are designed for recognition of organisations for businesses or groups. They are used to build identity within or around those organisations not identity the bigger concept of the identity around an organisation is what’s known as the brand and the logo is the tip of an iceberg in a brand. There are millions of logos on the web but you need your logo should be original and memorable. A good logo is what most people are talking about the identify a brand they will see a logo and it will instantly trigger a thought or a feeling about that brand. You will see logos on multiple things such as business cards, letter heads, vehicles advertisement, websites, social media platforms, etc. you see logos everywhere for that reason logos also need to be adoptable. Now, I tell you five logo design tips that will below your mind, some of you may already know some of these tips.


1. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid):-

What this means is just keeping it simple, keep it concise be clear with your logo design. Don’t over complicated things you know make sure it’s simple. A simple mark that anyone can understand it from different backgrounds, cultures and ages.

2. Memorable:-

A logo will be memorable. When someone sees it for the first time and they walk away, they have to be able to remember what it looks like. When it’s memorable, people will remember your brand logo. When they are walking down the street or in another city or another place can be identifying it clearly like an example: McDonald’s is all over the world but everyone knows them by the big yellow “M” so that’s why your logo has to be memorable.

3. Appropriate:-

If you are designing a logo for a business and they are very corporate like a lawyer firm, you don’t to be designing them with a playful type with a lot of little icons. You know that’s not work that’s more for like a kid’s type of you know Brent so you got to keep it appropriate. You got to understand that something is going to negatively impact your brand and some things can offend people. So don’t design something that’s going to have some sexual orientation to it or something that’s going to be violet or something like that so you got to be clear you know make sure that whom you are targeting. So, don’t design something that’s going to be wrong and off-putting because you can really damage the image of your brand. You have to make sure that it’s professional and reflects the brand value and brand goal.

4. Avoid Effects:-

I see many young designers design crappy logos that doesn’t put job Shadows, glows, gradients, strokes, boxes and then just pull this weed stuff on a logo and they over complicate it. Just keep it simple & professional so its looks clean and minimal but if you are designing for a video game you can be more playful and you can do some effects and that’s not the thing but when you are designing for most small businesses and brands or corporate clients you have to know make sure that they are not spamming effects because its will make your logo design really bad.

5. Typography:-

Most of the brands have a logo type or typography use withing their brand voice and their brand style or in their writing and in every way that they use it they have a logo and they have a type and it’s important to pick the right type choice you know the sans-serif, sarah, black leather graphic like there so many different types of letter forms that you have to pick then one that’s will reflect your brand’s principles and value and the aesthetic of your brand and the look that you are going for. So type choice is very important.


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