5 Easy Ways to Maintain a Brand-New-Looking Car Seat Cover


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Seat cover is one of the most important car accessories. You may think that investing on seat covers is a waste of money but purchasing one is actually a way cheaper than buying a brand-new seat. As a result of inevitable chances of dirt absorbing over period of time, many car users do invest on seat covers to primarily preserve the original car seats. However, preserving the seat cover is another story. Here are some easy tips on how to maintain the brand-new look of your black duck seat covers:

5 Easy Ways to Maintain a Brand-New-Looking Car Seat Cover


You can protect your seat covers by simply avoiding chances of getting stained. Passengers, especially kids, are fond of taking snacks during long drives without realizing that accidentally spilt food/drinks can cause terrible stain on cloth. Another examples of stuff that you should avoid taking inside the car with playful children are: ink (pens, markers, correction fluids, etc.), wet muddy shoes, chewing gums, rusty metals, and the like.

They say prevention is better than cure; however, if prevention has not been met then here is the solution. First option, you may want to consider purchasing neoprene type of seat cover that is out in the market and online shops like TDot Performance today. Neoprene is a relative of synthetic rubber which means it has the ability to resist water and other chemical substances that can cause stubborn stains. Good thing, there is a friendly online shop called the wetseat that offers 100% Australian quality of neoprene seat cover. Visit their website to discover products with great key features. On the other hand, second option is a manual procedure of removing stain from your seat cover. Bestdiy.tips shares a step-by-step procedure of making cheap formulated remedies for troubled home appliances including seat cover stains.


To support the preventive solutions on how to avoid a dusty car interior, closing windows especially when driving on the road is a great strategy in order to guard you from too much exposure to dust. As an alternative, turn on your air conditioner for proper ventilation inside.


Did you know that every sit you take can bring a certain amount of dirt to your seat? Well, this is due to the circulation of air that carries dirt and dust from the outside. To protect your seat cover from too much filth, practice vacuum routine every after use. Take note, using your own powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner consumes less cost than visiting a carwash.


Spray solutions for a dazzling look! If you are using a leather seat cover, spray it with your trusted solution that is specifically made for leathers then gently wipe with microfiber cloth to make it smoother and spanking new. Remember to make a one-time trial if this is your first time to use this type of cleaning product; given that leather is more sensitive than a fabric seat cover. You can also apply conditioning moisturizer for every three months, as suggested, in order to maintain a fresher vibe.


A comprehensive way of cleaning is removing all the mess from the largest wastes up to the tiniest strand of hair. Hair fall is inevitable. And seeing scattered pieces of hair everywhere is really sickening. Instead of picking each strand one by one, try using a lint roller for complete removal of hair fall and other tiny pieces of dirt from the seat cover. Lint roller works easier than using any sweeping device since it has a sticky material that attracts unreachable dirt without difficulty.


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