X19 Super Pocket Bike-the Ultimate Pocket Bike For You


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A pocket bike is the best gift to give to someone from the rider community. They are efficient, thrill-seeking, and adventurous. They spruce up your lives by adding a bit of thrill and adventure to it. But ever wondered how this trend of pocket bikes came around?

Let us take a look at the history of these mini bikes or pocket rockets.

X19 Super Pocket Bike-the Ultimate Pocket Bike For You

Pocket bikes the beginning

The idea of pocket bikes originated from a doodlebug scooter in 1946. The doodlebug scooter was manufactured by the beam manufacturing company situated in Iowa at the time. They introduced the doodlebug scooter as a direct competitor to the Cushman scooters. The Cushman scooters were sold under the Allstate branding by the Sears company. They enjoyed mild popularity and over the period of the next two years, 40,000 units of these scooters were built and sold. Later in the 50s some bike enthusiasts tried to replicate the idea behind the doodlebug scooter and applied it to make a bike. This bike was made from the spare parts of big motorcycle parts collected from different garages. The end result of their efforts became what we today know as a go-kart. The minibikes or the go-karts became instantly popular among the masses and a decade later the commercial manufacturing of the mini bikes began. Since then the minibike market has never looked back. Sure, it has had its fair share of ups and downs but the market has never seen any major slump.

Over the years the mini bikes birthed the idea of mopeds, electric bikes, motorized bicycles, and so on.

Pocket bikes – the popularity

One of the main reasons that these pocket rockets are so popular among the masses is the media attention they have been getting since their inception. They have been the center of many controversies regarding the legalization and the safety features of these mini bikes. Thus, they are not legal in many states. This may be because of the fact there are no specific guidelines for the manufacturing of the pocket bikes. Thus, the basic safety features such as turn lights, horn, headlights, etc. are all at the dispense of the manufacturer. The manufacturer may or may not provide these standard safety features with the bike. The manufacturers are under no obligation to provide them. As a result, most insurance companies shy away from insuring these pocket bikes.

But all these factors do not stop the mini bike lovers in any way. They just adore these bikes and the increasing number of minibike racing events and rallies is just proof of the fact. Kids, teens, and adults participate enthusiastically in these events to compete for the prizes.


Now the main problem that most customers face is the reliability of the seller and manufacturer of these pocket bikes. The seller or the manufacturer of these pocket bikes must be a reputable one so that customers can have faith in the product they are buying from them. The seller must have a wide customer base and years of experience in selling bikes and spare parts. They must have an authentic online store and provide you with options for financing as well as the regular maintenance of your bike. If you are still skeptical about the purchase then look for a warranty for a year from the seller.

The thrill of owning a pocket bike

Pocket bikes particularly appeal to young adults. The attractive looks, the body frames, and the whole look of the pocket bikes impress them a lot. That being said, there are many adults also who are fans of these pocket rockets. The youth see these machines as a perfect replacement for their car. They can use them for their daily commute, for fun weekend activities, and for running errands. Adults on the other hand like to collect these pocket bikes as they are quite fond of these bikes. One effective reason is that these bikes are cheaper to maintain than their bigger counterparts. So, they are efficient as well as practical. Apart from these obvious advantages, other perks of owning a pocket bike include; no dedicated parking space required, economical, better ride comfort, and easy to ride.

X19 super pocket bike-the perfect pocket bike for you

The x19 super pocket bike is an optimal choice for city dwellers. It comes with a four-stroke 110cc engine that is powerful to generate a top speed of 60 mph. The superbike also comes with pre-installed headlights, turn lights, horn, and rear brake lights. It checks all the right boxes in the safety department. The seat is positioned in an upright position which is a comfortable riding position. The tank capacity of the bike is three liters which is good enough given the mileage it provides.


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