Wolverine Boots: Your New Superhero Work Boots


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Buying work boots is more complicated than you imagine. There are a bunch of brands and even more models to browse. Yet, you can spot quality work boots from a mile away.

Whether you buy work boots on the regular or you are making your first purchase – You should try Wolverine work boots.

Wolverine Boots: Your New Superhero Work Boots

Origin of Wolverine Boots

If you want to check out Wolverine work boots, go to overlookboots.com/collections/wolverine, and browse through the catalog. But, if you are unsure, take a moment to learn more about the Wolverine brand.

The story of Wolverine boots goes back to 1883. At that time, G.A. Krause found a small leather tannery in Michigan.

With his son, a handful of employees, and relentless craftsmanship, Krause and sons started the production.

Soon, they produced 300 pairs of work boots and gloves per day. The Wolverine brand became well-known for its toughness and sturdiness. To help with the manufacture, the Wolverine company brought electricity to Rockford.

However, Wolverine wrote history the day they launched the 1000 mile boot.

The Purpose-Driven Boots

From that point on, the Wolverine stood out from the rest of the brands as the purpose-driven brands. The 1000 mile boots had a specific marketing message – They are supposed to tear after 1000 miles of wearing.

The Wolverine boot’s primary use was for railroad work and outdoor work. Back in the old days, developers knew how to develop resistant work boots. Their problem was comfort. The workers were safe during the railroad works – The comfort after 8-15 hours of standing was the problem.

So, for over 100 years, Wolverine combined the two to craft a superior boot. The mixture of comfort and durability is what they are known for to this day.

What Makes Them So Good

There are a few features that stand out when it comes to Wolverine work boots. The two most recognizable features are durability and comfort. Other perks include the steel-toe box, anti-slip properties, and higher resistance.


The Wolverine boots came as a solution for the hazards of railroad work. The workers had to step on metal, work on metal, and risk punctures and crushes. Add dust, paint, and other residues to the mix, and you have a situation where work boots rapidly tear.

The Wolverine boots use specific leather blends. These blends help the work boots to last longer, tear harder, and keep the same shape over time. The Wolverine boots also use steel-toe boxes and different coating to enhance the protection of your feet.

Even though the Wolverine brand places a lot of focus on durability, they are popular for another feature.


Comfort is another feature that marks the Wolverine work boots. While they use specific leather blends for the outside of the work boots, they do the same thing for the inside. The leather for the inside of the work boots is softer and ergonomic.

The insoles often have punctures so your feet can breathe. Another feature of Wolverine work boots is that the breaking process is easier for most models. You can wear them around the house for two days and make it feel like you have been wearing them for months.

The comfort comes without an expense on protection.

Steel-Toe Box

Steel-toe box is a primary requirement for work boots. The steel-toe box, also called the safety toe box, is a metal installment that protects the front of the foot. The types of the steel-toe box vary from materials to composition.

Not all Wolverine boots have steel-toe boxes. Models without the protection were meant for use in workplaces without much work hazards. Wolverine boots are excellent for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities.

Even if you wear them aside from the workplace, you can reap all of the other benefits.


A true benefit of Wolverine boots is resistance. Resistance comes in the form of insulation and waterproof materials. Almost all Wolverine boots models are waterproof. Since their primary purpose is to wear them outdoors, they have to withstand water.

You can wear them through rain, mud, or even walk through shallow water with them. Your feet will remain dry. And, you can wear them in winter and cold weather since they have insulation. The insulation keeps the feet warm and dry for years.

Finally, since the railroad days, the work boots had another property to keep the work boots safe for use.


The Wolverine work boots are anti-slip. They have quality soles with a hard grip. You can wear them on railroads, forests, mud, lakes, and even on construction sites. Even when there are a lot of fluids, you can wear work boots without slipping.

Thus, you get work boots that protect your feet and keep them dry during work hours. And, the work boots are comfortable, so you can wear them for days without hurting your feet.

That’s what makes the Wolverine work boots so popular. Now, you should get to know specific models.

Models To Consider

These are some of the models that stand out. You should check out:

  • Wellington Work Boot
  • Wedge Work Boot
  • Overpass Safety Toe Wellington
  • Cabor Comp Toe Boot
  • Cabor EXP Comp Toe Boot

Feel free to expand your research according to your job requirements. Now, you are ready to get a pair of work boots.

Buy Wolverine Boots

Wolverine work boots are top-notch. You can wear them to most jobs, and even wear them in the city.

If that’s your first investment, you are going to do yourself a favor. The Wolverine work boots are going to last.


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