Why You Should Get Regular Sports Massages


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If you play any sport, you know of the soreness and lethargy you feel the following day. You also understand that there is a risk of getting an injury or for old ones to recur. Studies have found that sports massages can help prevent and deal with many issues associated with playing a sport. These massages also have positive effects on health, general well-being, and athletic performance. These effects and the benefits we will discuss below show why you should get these massages regularly.

They Aid Recovery

Getting physiotherapy in Barnsley after you have been injured can aid with your recovery. These massages use techniques that stimulate and increase blood flow to the affected areas, muscles, and joints. They also remove toxins and bring in blood cells crucial for repairs and recovery.

They Improve Muscle Flexibility and Range of Motion

Getting a sports massage in Barnsley is recommended for athletes and older people because it helps keep the joints flexible and well-lubricated. They also keep the muscles active and supple to prevent the stiffness that increases the risk of injury. The muscle, joint, and tissue manipulations also improve your overall range of motion, making daily movements and activities easier.

Lastly, the increased flexibility also lowers the risk of muscle tears and strains, allowing you to remain fitter and get back to playing your sport sooner.

They Eliminate Lactic Acid Build-up

The body produces many by-products during exercise, one of which is lactic acid. This product can cause muscle cramps, weakness, nausea, and shortness of breath if the body does not eliminate it quickly enough.

Research has shown that sports massages can reduce or eliminate delayed onset muscle soreness if they are received two to six hours after playing a sport or intense exercise. Getting a deep tissue massage in Barnsley can also have the same effect but with additional mental or physical benefits. You can receive both types of massage by visiting the ATP physio clinic to consult their experts and work out a personalised plan, especially if you play a sport or have an existing injury.

They Identify Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances are not talked about enough, but they are a serious issue that can increase the risk of injury. A physio in Barnsley can identify if you have this issue during a massage, locating any areas of weakness or strength. They will then recommend stretches and exercises that help you address the imbalance or weakness, thereby preventing injuries.

They Reduce Pain

Almost everyone who receives a sports massage talks about its pain-relieving benefits. This pain might be from an injury or overuse of specific muscles that makes movement and life in general much harder. Therapists can also provide this type of relief following serious injuries and for those recovering from them.

A sports massage can be hugely beneficial, especially for those dealing with pain or muscle and joint issues. It also has other benefits, such as relieving stress and enhancing athletic performance. From their name, one might think that only people who play sports can get them. The reality is that anyone can get them and receive their benefits, whether they play a sport or not.


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