Why Buy New When You Can Replace?


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More often than not, the battle between whether something that we need should be replaced or done away with is a challenging one. Many of us prefer to get old things replaced, while others like to buy something brand new! This dilemma mainly arises when we deal with things of day-to-day usage without which functionality is affected. While on the other hand, you would want to get something brand new for yourself. Since you will need it time and again, buying a new one is a less economical option.

Why Buy New When You Can Replace

If you have adapted to the use of e-cigarettes, you will face this dilemma while getting pod cartridges for e cigarettes. The desire to buy a new one might be there, but the best part is – pod cartridges can be replaced! Naturally, the question that strikes you is – “Why buy new when you can replace it?”

Let us now weigh the advantages of replacement and everything else you need to know about pod cartridges for e cigarettes.

How do e-cigarettes and pod cartridges work?

E-cigarettes are a class of products that are used in the consumption of flavors, chemicals, nicotine, and other substances. They come with a wide range of names and devices that serve the purpose of replacing traditional cigarettes. An essential aspect of electronic cigarettes is that they stimulate the feel of smoking without any tobacco consumption. They are usually battery-powered with a mouthpiece, liquid solution, heating, and other electronic elements. This depends on the generation of electronic cigarettes that we are talking about — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation, etc.

E-cigarettes usually come with disposable batteries and replaceable cartridges. Pod mods are a type of 4th generation electronic cigarettes. They deliver a higher amount of nicotine with a smaller amount of usage of nicotine powder. Pod mods come with replaceable cartridges that can be refilled once the supply wears out. They are triggered utilizing an electromagnetic field. As per recent studies, this particular generation of electronic cigarettes is usually known to attract the younger crowd to a greater extent.

What to do while replacing or refilling the pod cartridge?

Pod mods usually contain nicotine salts that come with lower pH values. After a certain degree of use, the nicotine powder in the cartridge has to be replaced. Now, how to go about it can be a question to be asked. Here’s everything that you need to take note of while getting pod cartridges for e cigarettes:

  • The first thing is to get the pod out of the battery using a switch or by turning and twisting the pod.
  • Open the pod and try to find the fill ports. This can be done by turning the pod upside down and plugging a rubber plug out.
  • You will now get the liquid storage upon removing the plug.
  • Now pour the liquid carefully into the storage while avoiding spills and fill the liquid up to a certain marked level.
  • In case of liquid spills, wash your hands immediately to avoid any risks.
  • Now put the rubber plug back into the pod and re-install the battery using the same process.
  • In the case of a closed system device, you would need to buy a filled pod every time. So try to opt for an open system pod in which the liquid can be replaced.

How is replacing a better option than buying a new one?

Every option that you choose will have pros and cons. But the best thing to do is to go for something in which the advantages outweigh the disadvantages that come with it. There are various ways to replace pod cartridges, especially when you get the product from a reputed company.

While there are many considerations to be taken into account, the fact of the matter is that replacing always comes at a lower cost than buying a new one. Since this is a prolonged need, investing in it in the right amount must be prioritized when getting pod cartridges. But be assured of getting some professional assistance while getting the cartridges replaced to avoid spilling and other potential threats.

Another essential aspect is to get your product from the right store, which could both be an online or offline outlet. Do a quick research and find out companies that are the best in the vape and e-cigarettes industry. Having done all of that, you are all set to realizing how replacing will work great in most cases compared to buying a new one.


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