What are the Factors to be Considered While Buying the Kansa Thali?


Indian traditions have placed a higher value on some metals than on others. These include bronze, copper, etc. Thus it is hardly surprising that despite the higher Kansa thali price, it has been used in Indian traditional practices for centuries and continues to be the preferred choice. Using them for everyday purposes also offers incredible health and spiritual benefits according to Ayurveda – they can help amend the spiritual energies, correct some digestive problems, and may also help boost energy. Bronz is also non-toxic with no health issues unlike some alternatives such as aluminium.

What are the Factors to be Considered While Buying the Kansa Thali

A Kansa thali is a plate made of bronze. Metal was once used for making all types of utensils but these days the thalis are not the popular choice when it comes to crockery and everyday utensils. Yet, they continue to have a crucial place in Poojas and other auspicious activities because of their abilities to clean out the energies and of being made from a naturally clean metal.

Buying a Kansa thali is a significant decision attended by several critical considerations. The following, for example, are some of the key factors that may affect the decision:

  • Find the right vendor – The most important thing while buying a Kansi plate is finding the best vendor. The vendor should have some experience in supplying the products meant to be used in devotional ceremonies and should respect the need for purity of products for the same.
  • The price of the product – The Kansa thali price is likely too expensive if made of pure bronze and yet there are significant differences in the prices of thali offered by different suppliers. Thus, careful research may help find the right product with the best price and yet the highest quality.
  • Consider buying other bronze products along with thali – It might also be a smart choice to buy other bronze products such as glasses, spoons, and different types of bowls, as per one’s need. Having them can come in handy in certain situations.
  • Brand and the supplier of the product – Along with the Kansa thali price, one must also pay careful attention to the supplier of the product. Buying thalis online might be advantageous as the online vendors provide ready information about the product. Also, check the replacement and refund policy of the product.
  • Knowing the maintenance instructions of the products – The golden metal Bronze used in making Kansa thalis is best cleaned using soil, rakh, or ash powder of burned wood and pitambari powder. While soap or other modern methods may also be used, they may not be adequate to retain the natural sine of the product. It is also important to properly dry the Kansa thali and any other bronze utensils one buys after washing them before storing them.


This discussion of factors affects the purchase of Kansa thali. For further ease, in the process of purchasing for you, go for a trusted and reputed vendor like AmalaEarth as it offers the highest quality products from verified suppliers from all over India.


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