Understanding Syringe Filter Applications


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Syringe filters are usually used for removing particles from a specific liquid sample before an analysis of some kind is done for avoiding any damage to your equipment such as ICP, ion chromatography, etc. Syringe filters could actually be used in the case of small volumes and are great for avoiding the difficulties that you encounter while using Buckner filter set-ups.

Understanding Syringe Filter Applications

Types of Syringe Filters

The two major kinds of filters are the ones where you can actually recover the sample and the others where you cannot recover the sample. Most of the syringe filters that are used actually are not able to recover or reclaim the solid. These filters are mostly used just before an important analysis for effectively removing any un-dissolved material or solid.
Syringe filters generally are used to using membrane type filters that actually have a precise particle size cut-off. Moreover, syringe filters are available also, for the effective filtration of gases and for removing bacteria from a given sample. They are utilized in illegal drug harm reduction of course, not in the laboratory.

Applications of Syringe Filters

Syringe filters are regarded as essential laboratory supply which may be applied over a wide range of research lab procedures. They are predominantly used in the lab preparation of organic and aqueous solutions, where it is crucial to have efficient and super-quick filtration. Moreover, syringe filters would be required for pharmaceutical applications, in biotech businesses, and in the food & beverage laboratories. Syringe filters are useful in a plethora of applications and are also, known to flaunt a host of corresponding variations. All alternatives of non-reusable syringe filters are created for accommodating its specific application. Irrespective of function, we understand that it is important for you to have a sound understanding of the specific product and the vendor involved before purchasing any syringe filter from a dealer.

Advantages of Syringe Filters

The benefit of using syringe filters in effectively setting up aqueous and organic solutions meant for testing is the fact that they are sterile and non-reusable. The syringe filters are designed in such a manner that they offer a sterile housing that is kept for separated solutions otherwise outside contaminants may alter the results significantly. The superb ability to filter such solutions effectively would help in reducing costs and guaranteeing that only uncontaminated samples would be used for testing purposes.

Choose a Reliable Dealer

Irrespective of the fact whether you are purchasing syringe filters just for replenishing your commercial laboratory products or your chemical lab, it is important to deal with a reputed and trustworthy supply distributor. You must choose a dealer who has a solid track record of delivering the highest quality stuff at aggressive pricing. Top companies would be providing lower annual pricing both for volume and small orders.


Syringe filters are essential devices in all research laboratories. You must choose the best quality syringe filters for perfect outcomes. You do not necessarily have to be an experienced researcher to understand if the products you are purchasing are reliable or not. Buy from trusted names in the market so that you could use your syringe filters across a wide variety of laboratory work and trust to come up with uncontaminated results!


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