Top 5 Career Tips You can Learn from Dwayne Johnson


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Whether you are in-between jobs or just starting up your career, you’ve probably already recognized that finding a job is a job on its own. Maintaining a proper social media presence, on sites such as LinkedIn, keeping your portfolio in check and ensuring that you don’t sell yourself short are all items that should be on your job seeker list. Not to mention, you should be prepared for the interview just as well as if you were studying for a university exam.

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Ensuring career stability is another item of professional interest. Unless you are active in maintaining your status, career growth is hardly achieved.

With all that in mind, we’ve decided to gather a few inspiring career tips you can learn from the famous actor Dwayne Johnson. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

TIP #1 Consistency and Habits

If you follow Dwayne Johnson on Instagram, you already know that without hard work, you won’t make the cut. However, if you go deeper in interviews he’s done about his success, you’ll find that consistency and habits are two of the most important things on his list. He hasn’t built up his muscles from cheat days. In the same manner, you shouldn’t expect your LinkedIn to magically fix itself. Build up the proper habits to keep your socials and career growth in check and be consistent.

TIP #2 Don’t Fall into Categories

If you check the Dwayne Johnson ethnicity and history, you will know that his family is one of famous wrestlers who break the status quo. His father, Rocky Johnson, became the first black man to win the WWF Tag Team Championship, along with partner Tony Atlas. In that regard, Dwayne didn’t let others define him or put him in categories. In the same manner, regardless of your background or ethnicity, you should always pursue to break the cultural boundaries, especially in the age we live in.

TIP #3 Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

In the same train of thought, even though he was a wrestler and made fun of when he started his acting career, Dwayne didn’t stop experimenting. You shouldn’t either. Are you currently an executive assistant and want to become a project manager? Well, get your project coordinator cover letter in check and start pursuing your dreams.

TIP #4 Always Move Further to New Career Heights

Once he became the most famous wrestler of the WWE, Dwayne didn’t stop there. He continued putting other goals for himself and he didn’t stop improving or pursuing new career heights. Even if you have what you believe is the career of your dreams, set new goals, set new heights and aim to achieve them.

TIP #5 Always Learn how to Improve

Dwayne is not shy of sharing that he’s constantly seeking new ways to improve. The first step to do so is to learn how to be better at the thing you are doing and to push the limit. For example, if you want to become the best Twitch streamer, make sure to know how to get more followers on Twitch.

Regardless of the career of your choice, you should always aim to improve, know how to do so and ultimately build the habits and consistency to achieve your career goals.Dwayne Johnson did it, what’s stopping you from doing so? Go get them!


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