The Truth: Employment and Labor Rights


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Are employment and labor rights something you worry about? Are there issues in your workplace that are causing stress or making you feel like what’s going on is unfair? If so, then this blog is for you!

It’s no secret that employment and labor rights have been a hot topic for years. The truth is, employment law has evolved so much in recent decades, and with the proliferation of social media, employment issues are more public than ever before. But what can we do about it? This blog post will explore the resources of employment lawyers in Sydney as well as employee rights to help you make informed decisions for your company on how to handle current employment and labor issues.

Status Quo in Employment

The employment law system is broken. The employment laws are not written to protect the employees. They were written by employers and politicians who want business as usual. And I’m sorry, but you can’t have a free market without labor rights for all of its citizens. It just doesn’t work that way!

No one should be forced to work for less than minimum wage. But it is happening every day and people are afraid to speak up because they will get fired or worse, blacklisted from employment opportunities. The employment laws were written by employers so that they could protect themselves better. Working conditions have only deteriorated under their rule of law instead of being improved as we would expect with any other governing body: citizens, employees, bosses alike

The employment system needs a major overhaul – not just tweaks here and there that don’t address the root problems inherent in the employment contract system itself (i.e., negligent hiring practices). We need more protection on our side like severance pay, employment contracts before employment starts, and written notice.

We need to stop the blacklists shutting down workers from employment opportunities simply because they complain about working conditions or ask for better wages. This blacklisting of citizens is not only illegal but it’s also a human rights violation as well! It needs to end now so people can live their lives in peace without fear of losing everything due to an employer’s whimsical decision that has nothing to do with them nor their skillset.

Employment and Labor Rights 101

The employment and labor rights of employees in Australia have been an issue that has plagued Australian society for decades. There are multiple laws protecting workers, but there needs to be changing around how these laws are being enforced, regulating employers’ employment practices.

Employment Lawyer – employment laws are complicated and can be vague. You may not know what your rights truly entail when it comes to employment law, whether or not you have been discriminated against for being pregnant, having a disability, etc. A qualified employment attorney will help protect these rights under the law

Labor Rights – this includes employee’s right to organize into unions and engage in collective bargaining with employers

Employee – an individual who supplies services to others for pay – which could include full-time employees as well as freelancers (such as babysitters), contractors (employees of other companies), and independent contractors

The employment world is rife with issues, from employee theft to wage negotiations. In Australia, nearly 40% of employment agreements are at-will employment contracts that state an employer can terminate employment without cause and a worker may leave for any reason. Additionally, most states in Australia lack any labor protections like minimum wages or overtime pay laws. These two factors lead many workers into poverty as they have no recourse if their employers underpay them or fire them unjustly.

What should be done about this? What do you think will solve these problems? Should there be stronger labor protection policies such as mandatory minimum wages and paid time off? Let me know your thoughts!


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