The Intricate Process of Creating Touchscreens


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Past couple of decades are evident to the use of touch screen devices by the masses. Making online shopping orders, browsing the news, ordering food and taking online classes or health check-ups what not is being done with the help of touchscreen devices in modern time. But at the same time a handful of people have a clear idea about the way by which these devices are made to a touchscreen feature. The mechanism of making these touchscreen devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops is not that easy. Here we will have a deep understanding about the way of manufacturing a touchscreen feature in phone or any other such device. Also we will understand the LCD or OLED in the manufacturing of touchscreen devices.

the intricate process of creating touchscreens

Shaping the Glass as Raw Material

The glass used for the making of touchscreen is a very unique type which serves as the basic raw material for manufacturing a touch screen. This substrate that is glass is given cut and dimensions based on the requirement. A small piece is cut for phone and similarly larger for tablet or laptop. This is the first and very basic step that does not show much skills and expertise required rather practice can make someone perfect in doing so.

ITO Coating of the Cut Glass

ITO stands for Indium Tin oxide which helps to imbibe the touch response feature in the screen. A layer of ITO coating is done on the cut glass which is used as a raw material. This layer is very important to turn the screen to touch screen feature. All the expertise are followed in doing this ITO coating as a minor mistake will bring out a faulty product which might show discrepancies in the performance.

Display Module Get Laminated in Next Step

A LCD or OLED is used as adhesive substance that ensure the clarity of the screen to the users and a laminated coating is done by using it. This laminating process eliminates air gaps and ensures high optical clarity. The LCD and OLED modules and their quality plays a crucial role in defining the user experience in using the touch screen. Big names like LG and Itotek Ltd are the major stockist of these modules.

Adding Touch Screen Metal Elements

The touch screen element is added to the screen at this step. With the help of these touch screen elements the screen function as desired that is the touch screen feature is possible only when it is added to complete the process along with other steps like ITO coating.

Combining all the Layers Into One Piece

All the layers are combined into a single element and then calibration process takes place afterwards. Calibration ensure the accuracy of touchscreen whether it responds in nicer way or not. After this process the screen is then added to the device whether it is a tablet or phone.

This is the entire process in the making of a touchscreen. Today we are using variety of touchscreen and they responds to human touch and show least response to object that are not viable which shows the level of expertise and skills used in creating these screens.


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