The Four Most Common Repairs Required for Garage Door Openers


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When you head out the door or return home after a long, stressful work week, and your garage door stands working, it can feel like your whole day is thrown off. The problem can be something rather complicated, but half of the time, things are much more straightforward than they appear. Catastrophizing is never the solution to your issue, and there is no use in working yourself up into a panic when the answer to your problem can quickly be resolved with further inspection and assistance from a local garage door technician.

It is very important to keep an eye on the garage door and its regular inspection to avoid such kind of issues in last minute. If you are not very sound with fixing the glitches of a garage door then this is a bit scarier for you to confront such issues. So keep on checking the wear and tear of the garage door regularly and ask some door technician for best repair as well. Abbotsford based garage door Repair Company and similarly such other reliable companies can work well for the purpose to make it a smooth experience for you.

The Four Most Common Repairs Required for Garage Door Openers

Living in Los Angeles, CA, residents are subject to a world constantly on the move and communities that are consistently growing and changing. Keeping up with your next-door neighbors is the name of the game, alongside staying two steps ahead. So why don’t we think about our garage door openers similarly? If you had a reliable and previously established relationship with a local garage door company in your area, there wouldn’t be any hassle when obstacles arose. From a Genie or Chamberlain to a LiftMaster Myq garage door openers – specialists have the inside scoop on how to repair, replace, install, and maintain anything and everything.

Remote, Keypad, or Wall Switch Operation Failure

One common problem that plagues homeowners and their garage door openers is an unresponsive garage door when operating with a remote, wall switch, or keypad. This can be disappointing and leave you disgruntled when you are simply trying to get out of the house and get outside, and it can be equally as anxiety-inducing when you are trying your hardest to get out of your garage door but your car is parked inside the garage – so you aren’t going anywhere. This could mean that the power source has been disrupted in some way.

Make sure the motor is completely plugged into the wall, and if so – double check there aren’t any electrical issues happening by switching outlets and testing throughout your home. It could also signify that a circuit breaker is out or a fuse has been blown. You can test this by checking the rest of your garage’s lights; if others are working, chances are that’s your culprit. If it is neither of these issues, then you may be looking at a motor that has seen its final days, and touching base with a local garage door tech for a thorough inspection, repairs, and/or replacement will help get you through this issue quickly and efficiently!

Garage Door Isn’t Closing All the Way

Access to your garage and a legitimate opener is also essential to every household and business. Imagine you are hoping to close the garage door, and you suddenly notice – it isn’t closing all the way; it can send you into a spiral. When you try it again, you may see it opens just fine, but it still isn’t closing correctly. Troubleshooting your garage door opener is inevitable because you can’t leave your garage open to the rest of the California community.

The culprit for this problem is typically the close limit switch, which tells the motor when to run and when to stop. If the limit switch is set incorrectly, then you could have a garage door getting stuck before it reaches its destination. You could also be dealing with the safety sensor, so ensure nothing is blocking their path! They could also be misaligned and need adjustment. Your last option is a set of rusted rollers, a sign that your garage needs maintenance or repairs as soon as possible.

Door Reversal After Closing

Aside from your garage door getting stuck, it may also hit the ground and immediately reverse – or at any point while attempting closure. This is not only puzzling, but it can feel hopeless if you use your garage door opener and try to close it repeatedly, only to end up with the same result. When things don’t work out the first few times, it’s not just a fluke; it’s time to look a little closer and a whole lot deeper at what is going on with your garage door opener.

If the door closes before it hits the ground, it could easily be the closing force. This is controlled by an adjustment screw that signals to the garage door the amount of pressure it can use on its descent, and it also controls the off switch to the opener’s motor. Try changing the close force settings and see if that does the trick. If your door is closing once it reaches the ground – it could be a similar problem where the close switch limit needs adjusting. If neither option seems to resolve the issue, that is your sign to contact a local garage door company for additional assistance.

Garage Door Opens, But the Motor Never Stops Running

Garage door openers are complex and simple simultaneously; they are the brains and body of the entire operation and control access to your garage at all times. Even the openers require regular inspections and maintenance, and when they get tired – things can go a little haywire.

This is a problem that people see shortly after a new garage door opener is installed or once it has been in use for a long time. If the motor won’t shut off after installing a new opener, then the up-limit switch needs to be readjusted, as it controls the motor. If you have an older or aging garage door opener, the gears may be stripped, and you could be overdue for an upgrade.

Regardless of the problems you are experiencing, any issue can create unnecessary stress in your life, and even worse, it can cause accessibility and security issues for your own home. Working with professionals will help retain your safe space and ensure everything remains in perfect working order. Ben’s Garage & Gate Supply in Los Angeles services California with superior garage door opener installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance service. Furthermore, Ben’s offers free consultation to inspect any garage issue you may be experiencing and will offer their expertise to ensure a speedy solution. Don’t allow garage door opener issues to get you down – lean on the pros for repair and support!


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