The Commercial Water Purifier Plant: What and Why?


The rate of water pollution is becoming severe day by day. And a result of that, contaminated water that is not safe for use is now a global threat to our lives. So, the use of commercial water purifier plant and the commercial RO plant are mandatory to sustain non-contaminated, potable water. We have water purifiers at home to obtain the water that is safe for a drink. But when it comes to a large quantity of water to be treated, there lies the need for the commercial water purifier plant as well as the commercial RO plant. There are many organizations such as healthcare facilities, school, laboratories, hotel, and restaurants, etc. which are always in need of a large quantity of non-contaminated water. These types of organizations generally install the commercial water purifier plant, including commercial RO plant.

The Commercial Water Purifier Plant- What and Why

The commercial water purifier plant is super-efficient in treating a large volume of water with high flow rates. The commercial water purifier plant uses a proficient method to purify the contaminated water that includes-

• Softening

There are several limestones dissolved in water. This step involves these limestones that cause the hardness of the water. Ion-exchange resins are used here. Calcium, magnesium, etc. are eradicated from water.

• DE alkalization

Here mainly, the pH of the water is corrected. As optimum pH level is mandatory for obtaining safe water.

• Demineralization

Removal of mineral salts from water is necessary for the purification of water. Ion exchange process helps in the demineralization.

• Reverse osmosis

Water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane, and as it consists of delicate pores, the water is passed safely, and the impurities are trapped within the membrane.

• Microfiltration

Microfiltration is the process of removal of solid suspended particles that range from 0.1 to 10 micron with a physical filtration method.

• Multimedia filtration

Multimedia filtration involves the operation of filtration with the help of a pressure filter vessel using three or more different media.

• Nanofiltration

This technology is used to recycle wastewater to find out if any impurities are still there or not. Beneficial materials if separated is reintroduced in this step.

• Ultrafiltration

This step utilizes a semi-permeable membrane that helps to separate the suspended particles in water.

UV rays emitting lamps are also used in the commercial water purifier plant to make sure that every type of impurities and microbes are destroyed.

The commercial RO plant is one of the most efficient and mandatory features in the commercial water purifier plant. This includes-

The commercial RO plants:

The working principle of the commercial RO plant is ‘hyperfiltration’ or the reverse osmosis process. There are many types of commercial RO plants available in the market, and they are-

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System, Residential Reverse Osmosis System, Portable Reverse Osmosis System, Heavy Duty residential Reverse Osmosis System, etc. In this system, at first, the dirt, and other physical particles are removed. The system consists of a granular carbon filter which absorbs chlorine, organics and other impurities. The presence of RO membrane ensures the total removal of harmful toxic material prevailing in the water. The rear anti-bacteria maintains the taste of the water activated carbon filter.

There are numerous commercial water purifier plants with the facility of the commercial RO plant are available in the market. So, this is a trouble to find out the best brand within budget. So, here, some leading brands with tremendous and brilliant services are mentioned below for your help. You can also visit water chiller repair for best solution.

• FRP RO Plant:

FRP is the material of construction with more than 75% maximum water recovery rate. The RO capacity is quite satisfying, i.e., 2000-3000 litre/hour. The costing price is 3.5 lakh/unit.

• DE Pure Automatic SS RO Plant:

This an electric mediated commercial water purifier plant which can continue its work at the voltage of 380 with the frequency of 50Hz. This has a storage capacity of 2000 litre, and this can work automatically.

• Doctor Water Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant:

The plant is equipped with the chlorinator, Ozonator, ultrafiltration plant with 70-75% maximum water recovery rate. This consists of five types of filtration method. The plant is made up of FRP and stainless steel. The RO capacity of the plant is more than 3000liter/hour. This is way cheaper than other water purifier plants, and that is 1.4 lakh/piece.

• SS Industrial RO Plant:

This is made up of stainless steel. It has a high capability of sterilizing water at a rate of 99.99%. This can work at 220 voltage and a frequency of 50 HZ.

• SS and FRP Semi-automatic and Manual Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plants:

This is made up of MS, FRP, and SS. This can be operated both automatically and manually. This has a chiller cooling capacity of 2 tons. It can be used as an industrial plant as well as a domestic and institutional water plant. The RO capacity is more than 3000 liters/hr.


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