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A company’s phone might become a quickly recognizable tool for business thanks to Phonewords. Because of this, the writing method is more effective and simpler to memorise than a system based on numbers. As an illustration, 1300 DOCTOR is considerably simpler to recall than 1300 Easy Dial. Your message becomes more clutter-free, clear, concise, and memorable.

Follow these helpful tips to make the most of your outdoor advertising efforts:

  • Make sure the phone number is clearly visible on your billboard. It won’t be remembered if it can’t be rapidly and easily viewed.
  • Because you only have a short window of time to have your message viewed, all billboard advertising messaging must be succinct.
  • When included in a larger marketing strategy, billboards are effective. Use print, radio, and direct mail advertising in addition to your outdoor advertising.

The reason why words are easier to remember than numbers is that light travels more quickly than sound or our mental processes. As a result, you are seen before you are heard. Determining your perceived degree of competence, intelligence, confidence, affability, power, beliefs, self-esteem, and success will all be determined by your appearance before you even speak. This also applies to the organisation you represent (its philosophy, culture, and standard of service).

The workplace places a premium on creating a great first impression and keeping it. To communicate more naturally on a daily basis, begin by being familiar with presentation psychology and – anti-verbal communication techniques. This may lead to a better career and personal success. By using phonewords, you may increase your advertising’s efficacy by 300% and your company’s overall profits by 30% to 200%.

Here are a few advantages that can help your company.

A GOOD TOLL-FREE PHONEWORDS allows you an additional channel to reach more clients and close more transactions, which is one of the most significant advantages.

IMPROVING CUSTOMER Input – Getting feedback from customers and one of the most important—and frequently disregarded—facets of managing a successful business is keeping in touch with them. You should be aware of where clients or prospective customers are having problems, requirements, or inquiries if you want to keep your business growing.

BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE – Toll-free numbers not only enhance customer service not to mention encourage a strong customer service emphasis and offer assistance to clients who are unsure they can speak to a live person.

REPEAT AND SECOND-HAND MARKETING – By making it simpler for customers to remember how to contact you or to share your contact information with others, One of the few things you can do to increase word-of-mouth, customer referral marketing, and repeat business are to get a good toll-free number.

CREDIBILITY AND PRESTIGE – Even the smallest start-up is given an air of credibility and authority by a good toll free number. Customers also trust businesses more when they can reach them easily. Knowing they can pick up the phone and speak to a live person makes them feel more at ease.

STRONGER PRESENCE – A good toll-free number gives you the appearance of being bigger, more established, and like a more important brick-and-mortar company. This has been shown to be a real advantage in internet marketing.


An enhanced response rate to all advertising is the benefit of great phonewords that is most palpable and quantifiable. A good number can easily increase your response rate by 12 to 42% and occasionally even more, but It won’t make more of a difference if you don’t conduct much promotion. And there’s no denying that a third of any advertising spend is a big quantity of money.


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