Lead Paint Testing and Inspection in NYC


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Lead paint testing is done with the help of direct- reading manual energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer. The machine helps in measuring lead levels in paint on the surface to know whether the paint has lead or not. Every lead paint test takes around half a minute to complete, so you get live information about it. Lead paint is marked by EPA as paint which has 1mg of lead per sq.cm. of paint.

During residential lead testing NYC, the paint on the walls, windows, ceilings and doors, moldings, furnishings, staircase in room and all over the house are tested with the help of XRF device to know the level of lead in the paint. The condition, shade and substrate materials are also checked. The inspection comprises of testing the paints in the interior, exterior, attic and basement. Then the results are documented in a site inspection report which is mailed to the client.

Lead Paint Testing and Inspection in NYC

The various reasons to conduct a lead testing NYC are selling or purchasing a house, child lead poisoning cases, renovation and repair, the new local law 31 of 2020. All you need to do is call MKM Environmental Consultants to get a lead paint testing.

Lead dust clearance testing

The exposure to lead paint to people in a residential location results in ingestion of lead paint chips and dust. The friction between the surfaces may release lead dust, especially at doors, painted cabinets and windows. Toddlers, kids or even adults may ingest those lead paint dust or chip unknowingly and get adverse health conditions.

The lead dust clearance testing is done by wiping floors, windows and doors with dust wipes and the sample is submitted to a certified NYC lead testing lab to access the level of lead in the dust.

Lead risk evaluations

A lead risk evaluation is done to assess the risk to the residents in a house, school or office due to lead poisoning. It is mandated by the NYC or Health Department and done by a third party EPA certified Inspector. There are strict inspection protocols which need to be followed. The assessment comprises of a visual inspection of the surface of the paint and testing of the paint. The lead risk assessment also involves testing of the water and soil for lead. Paint samples are tested with the help of XRF device and the water and soil are tested in the lab.

It has been mandatory for all the residential buildings in New York City to get their apartments tested and inspected for lead paint till Aug 9, 2025. If a child below the age of 6 lives in an apartment or is going to move to one, the inspection should be done within a year. If the owner of the building fails to provide a record of the lead hazard remediation, it will be assumed that they have violated the provisions and will be charged. So, just contact the professionals for an immediate appointment now and get your building inspected instantly!


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