How to Get a Better Sleep in a Hot Weather


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Sleeping in hot weather is something that millions of people struggle with if they move from cooler to warmer places. However, the fact that it is hot should not mean that you should be denied the chance to have quality sleep. There are various ways through which you can manage to sleep like a baby irrespective of how hot the weather is. If you currently moved to a hotter region and you’re struggling to sleep at night, here are a few tips you can use to ensure that you sleep comfortably every night without being bothered by the heat.

Keep the windows open

The first step towards having a better sleep in a hot region is to keep the windows open. In most cases, the temperature inside the houses will always be warmer than the temperature outside the house. It means that if you open the windows, the cold air from outside will find its way into the room and reduce the warmth to cool levels that will allow you to sleep well. Therefore, just ensure to keep your windows open if it is safe enough to do so. However, if it is not safe enough to do so, consider the rest of the tips given in this article.

Use a fan

Use a fan

It is common to find yourself in a hot place that doesn’t have any air conditioning. In such a case, a fan is always a good alternative to air conditioning, especially at night when you need a cool temperature to sleep. If you’re visiting a place and there is no air conditioning and it is hot, you can always request for a fan to be placed in your room. If you are in a hotel, they will definitely have such provisions. A fan is an inexpensive way to help you regulate the temperatures at night through the blowing of the cold air so that you find the comfort to fall and stay asleep.

Drink more water

When it is hot, you will be losing a lot of body fluids through sweating. When you are not well hydrated at night in a hot environment, you are likely to fail to fall asleep because you will keep on waking up every now and then. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you drink a lot of chilled water before going to bed. You don’t have to worry about visiting the toilet every now and then because you will lose enough body fluids through sweat and you will not need to go to the washrooms. Again, water at night in a hot environment will help to lower your body temperature so that it reaches comfortable levels that will enable you to fall and stay asleep.

Take a late cold shower

Take a late cold shower

Taking a cold shower in a hot environment before going to bed is not just pleasurable, but also comfortable. It is very important in regulating body temperature so that you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for the rest of the night. Could shower in a hot environment will act as a coolant to the entire body, especially the skin, which is normally affected by the heat. Therefore, if you are in a hot environment and you want to sleep well at night, don’t bother taking a shower during the day. Wait until late at night when you want to go to bed then go for a very cold shower. If you do this, you will find the process of falling asleep and staying asleep easy.

Use cotton bedding

Silk, satin, and polyester are very nice when the weathers are cool. However, when the heat comes, the best type of linen you should use in your bedding should be breathable cotton. Such will allow the free flow of air from a surrounding to your body and it will also feel easy on the skin to allow for the quick evaporation of any sweat that you will be releasing at night. The same should also be the case for your mattress toppers, and other accessories such as your pillows. Closely related to this, you should also invest in a good mattress such as Stearns and Foster if you want to have a good sleep in a hot environment.

Get Loose

Get Loose

It will be impossible for you to have a good sleep in a hot environment if you go to bed with a lot of clothes especially those that are not designed for hot weathers. One way of increasing your comfort levels during hot nights is to simply choose very light pajamas that are made from breathable cotton. If possible, you may consider sleeping without any clothes. Though not so many people prefer this idea, for those who can manage to do so, it’s a great way to help cool your body during hot nights. The main thing is that you should not carry the burden of having many clothes on going to bed in a hot environment.

Don’t eat proteins or heavy meals before bed

Even in normal cases, eating heavy meals is highly discouraged before going to bed. This is because the heavy meals will increase your metabolic rate, which will, in turn, increase the rate of activity of the body and this comes also with an increase in the body temperature. Considering raising your body in a hot environment when you want to sleep is not the best way to fall asleep and stay asleep.

This is also the same for eating proteins. When you eat proteins, your metabolic rate will increase and this will come with an increase in the internal body temperature. When this is combined with an already warm environment, sleeping will be very difficult. Therefore, be careful to avoid proteins and heavy meals if you want to enjoy your nights in hot environments.

Sleep Alone

Sleep Alone

When it is cold, it is a good idea to sleep with a partner because you will get warmth from each other. However, when it is hot, you should consider sleeping alone. In this case, there will be no generation of excess body temperature from you or your partner.


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