How to Claim Bonuses at Online Casino?


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Gamblers usually pay attention to two things before registering at an online gaming: the amount of the registration bonus that the website offers and the type of games it provides. But online casinos offer much more than a registration bonus and Win the jackpot with online slots. They attract the attention of gamblers with various prizes, so they are more excited about registration. Casinos are so popular among people that now a days we have casino hire services available where we can entertain our guests in our evening parties or wedding celebrations.

When you open an account in the online casino, you will be greeted by numerous promotions that aim to make you stay in the game as long as possible or save part of the deposit. Depending on their purpose, there are different types of promotions or bonuses. Below we will introduce you to the different types of promotions that you can find on relevant websites.

So, as we mentioned in the online casino, you will come across different types of bonuses. Which one will be offered to you depends on whether you are a regular player or have just opened an account. Also, the kind of promotion will depend on the game you choose at the casino. Online casinos, in order to prevent bonus abuse, prohibit the opening of more than one account, so that users do not use bonuses repeatedly.

Bonuses will usually be associated with slots, which are generally the most numerous. But both roulette and blackjack have their bonuses. These promotions are generally in the form of extra spins or money that you can use for the next bet.

Welcome bonus

This promotion is the most generous in most online casinos. As it was created to attract new players, it is not surprising that the amount that goes with it will be pretty significant.

The welcome bonus works as follows: when you enter the site, you will pay a deposit. Then, in most cases, a pop-up window will appear offering a welcome bonus that you can decline or accept. If you receive it, this promotion will be automatically assigned to your account, and you will have the option to withdraw it if you meet the conditions prescribed for that.

These terms and conditions usually mean that you will bet a certain number of times. For example, if your deposit is $ 50, you can get another $ 50 bonus, but only if you place a bet first. This is the offer that draws gamblers the most. The online casino provides you some money to play when you make your first deposit.

Before you decide to accept this bonus, you should keep in mind that it is valid for a certain period and lasts longer than other bonuses. That is why it is one of the best promotions offered in digital casinos.

Pay attention to the bonus codes.

Some casinos will expect you to have a bonus code to unlock the promotion you want to add to your account. A welcome bonus will not be required in most cases.

Reload bonuses

Those players who have been on the online casino site for some time will most likely not be satisfied with the welcome bonus alone. Every casino with a good reputation will offer its regular players promotions that will help them earn extra money with extra stakes. These bonuses are known as “reload bonuses,” and you can find them in large casinos that care for the quality of service.

Compared to the welcome bonus, these promotions are generally lower. Still, it’s not bad to have them at a time when winnings are at your fingertips.

Suppose the player is registered from an affiliate site. In that case, he must enter the bonus code located on the associated site in order to achieve a better offer. The bonus is used in any game or only in those specified by the casino.

Free bonuses / no deposit bonuses

One of the favorite promotions of all online gamblers is no deposit bonuses. They are, in most cases, reserved for new players and, unfortunately, are not offered in all casinos. However, if you get a chance to play with no bonus, you will certainly save a few stakes.
Keep in mind that these promotions are usually not high amounts. In addition, you will be able to play with them for real cash prizes without paying a deposit. As we mentioned earlier, they will be in the form of free spins or money that you can use in the game.

Free spins

This is specific to slot games. There are three types of free spins: make a deposit and get free spins, free spins without a deposit and bet to get free spins.

  1. Making a deposit and getting free spins means you need to make a small deposit to earn more free spins. For example, make a $ 5 deposit and win 10 free spins.
  2. Free no-deposit spins can usually be applied to multiple games. They are available after every 24 hours. The online casino has a wheel to spin. The wheel consists of various prizes, such as cash bonuses, free spins on slot games, promo codes for upcoming games, and many others.
  3. Lastly, betting for free spins means you need to bet the smallest amount to open several free spins. For example, if you bet $ 20 on a particular game, you get 50 free spins for that game.

How to use the bonus?

Most players usually want to use the bonus the moment they receive it. Unfortunately, promotions in online casinos work differently. Before the bonus becomes available to you, you will often be in a situation to use the entire amount of the deposit (this is only not the case when it comes to free bonuses).

That is why you must have a strategy that will replace your deposit with a profit and thus put you in a situation to “clear” the bonus. To achieve this, you need to choose games that you know well, in which the benefit of the house is low, or which are known as games with frequent winnings.

Whatever strategy you choose, it is important to have a good time, and numerous games will undoubtedly help you with that.


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