How Signal Jammers Protect Your Data While You’re Offline


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There is evidence of hackers stealing data all over the internet. Recent data breaches at Equifax led to the theft of personal information for more than 140 million Americans. Hackers stole Social Security numbers, birth dates, and other sensitive data in the Equifax breach. This isn’t an isolated incident. Hacking is a daily occurrence in small amounts all over the globe. Technology is constantly evolving to make hacking more efficient and better. Businesses and other organizations with sensitive data should invest in signal jammers to increase security.

How Signal Jammers Protect Your Data While Youre Offline

You might be wrong to think that your data is secure after you turn off the computer. Hackers may not need computers anymore to access the internet.

Signal jammers aren’t new

Signal jammers have been around for years in many countries. USA and France are two of the biggest markets of signal jammers. They are being used in prisons today to prevent phone call communication. They can also be used in operating rooms to block certain signals from affecting the equipment. Jammers were even used in churches to block mobile phone use.

But today, companies widely use them to protect against hacking and data attacks. Many business owners began to realize that they are very powerful in fighting annoying hacking.

If someone wants to stop another person from stealing data, they must block the signals between their technology. Signal jammers can block almost any type of reception, from cellular to radio and wifi.

Data in the air

The “good old days” were when hackers had more control and needed to be in direct touch with computers or databases to steal. However, things have changed. The internet opened up secret doors, and hackers can now steal without needing the internet.

The New York Times reported earlier this year that the NSA had developed a new technology that allows access to a computer even if it isn’t online. Hackers are also aware of this opportunity.

While not all threats can be avoided, companies must take every precaution to ensure their data is safe. This includes investing in new technology and programs that prevent hackers from gaining access and information from being leaked.

Hackers could use electromagnetic radiation spying to breach steel walls or use a smartphone’s accelerometer to act as a Key Logger.

Even businesses and organizations must safeguard data being exchanged over wifi signals within their buildings. There are many things to think about!

The jammer is the solution

If you are wondering how jammer works, you are not alone. Not every people know the secret behind them. But believe it or not, jammers are not that mystery.

Jammer is a signal transmitter that can send out many radio waves when activated. Those radio waves will hit the entire communication between your smartphone and the base station. So what happens next? Your phone will lose its signal immediately because the signal sent from the base station can not reach your phone.

Since the radio waves from jammers are usually stronger than the phone signals, they can cover anything sent to your phone, no phone calls or text messages anymore. The signal bar on your phone will always stay at zero unless you walk out of the jamming range of the jammers.

Data protection with jammers

Many believe that information stored on a computer can be protected if offline or turned off. But that’s too good to be true. Hackers can instead use technology and tricks to steal data quickly. This is where the jammer steps in!

Signal jammers can block cell phone signals from more than 70 feet away. These devices can be used to block wireless signals and prevent data theft. Nearby jammers can stop data leaks even if you aren’t in the office or the computers aren’t running.

Signal jammers can scramble all frequencies, even those used by hackers. Signal jammers can emit a loud frequency noise which can drown out communication between hackers’ devices and your computers.

It is a must-have precaution

We’ve long since moved beyond writing down everything on paper. Now we have the best way to store data on computer chips and the Cloud. Hackers are constantly creating new devices, such as drones, to hack into these databases. Protected data will continue to be fought, but you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe behind a jammer.


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