How Digital Tech is Helping Australian Farmers in 2024


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The digital development train is ongoing and it brings benefits to all sectors, even agriculture, which is usually regarded as being a traditional occupation. In this short article, we delve into ways that digital tech is helping Australian farmers.

how digital tech is helping australian farmers


Drones are constantly developing and there are crop-spraying models that run up and down rows of vegetables, spraying as they go. Drones are also handy for locating livestock on larger pastures; a drone can travel miles and with high-res cameras, the operator can locate stray animals and the farmer can drive a tractor or quad and recover the livestock. Drones can inspect perimeter fencing, which saves a farmer a lot of time and the drone operator makes notes on small repairs and their location to assist the fence repair team.

Solar Energy

All Australian farmers make good use of solar energy to power grow systems that are controlled by onsite laptops with a small solar panel acting as a shelter. The designs of tyres for tractors have changed thanks to technology, which saves on fuel, with different treads for different tasks. Several years ago, a group of Aussie farmers visited Israel to learn about how farming is carried out using solar energy and upon their return, they disseminated the new knowledge to other farmers.

VoIP Communication

Real-time video calls really do help farmers keep costs down, as these calls are much cheaper than regular telephone calls. Employees are able to show the farmer the surroundings at their location, which can help the farmer with minor repairs. Zoom can be used for a vet to inspect a sick animal, or to join a webinar about agriculture. Indeed, the Australian government operate several projects that make use of video calls and its use is only going to increase.


Artificial Intelligence has a place on the farm, with sector-specific software that can manage crop spraying and also climate control in greenhouses. Machine learning means computers keep getting better; the more data they analyse, the better they become at whatever it is they are being trained for. A large farm, for example, could be entirely managed by AI and with ongoing development, who knows where AI is heading? Here are 7 crops that you can grow indoors using hydroponics.

GPS Tracking

We now have the technology to implant GPS devices into livestock; perhaps not every single animal but certainly the leading animals, which can help a farmer locate the herd. Hidden devices can also protect farming assets, which are often stolen in remote regions. The thief would have no idea the equipment has a sensor; imagine their surprise when the police arrive!

To conclude, digital tech is finding its way into every industry, providing workable solutions that otherwise would not be available and that includes the agricultural sector here in Australia.


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