How Are Education Standards Maintained For Post-Covid Remote Learning


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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed education throughout the world. Remote learning, which was earlier only a possibility, has now become an accepted fact. Educational institutions worldwide, including Australia, have sought to utilise this new learning method in the best way possible.

How Are Education Standards Maintained For Post-Covid Remote Learning

However, many educators have concerns regarding the standards for learning over the Internet. Some teachers view the absence of a teacher in the classroom as a barrier to effective learning and communication.

But one of the primary concerns that shadows all others is holding exams online without compromising on the institution’s standards. Most schools require a secure exam management system that preserves academic integrity and reduce the possibility of cheating.

Here are some vital things and questions you should know regarding this topic.

Importance of purpose-built technology

Many educational institutions across Australia use video conferencing software for online assessments. While it has several advantages, it has also thrown up various challenges for them.

One of these is the potential for cheating and ghostwriting, primarily if the technology doesn’t support highly detailed facial recognition components.

Platforms without purpose-built technology cannot block the examinee’s access to other websites, applications and websites because they lack locked-down browser functionality.

However, many institutions have now opted for remote online proctoring solutions because it’s a secure and reliable exam management system.

Maintaining academic integrity while conducting online exams

It is vital to ensure academic integrity while conducting online exams remotely. The associations and institutes must be sure that the students appearing for the tests are not resorting to unethical practices or unfair means. But what are some ways of ensuring that?

Choose an experienced exam management provider

Hiring an exam management company with years of experience in this area is crucial. Such companies frequently hold assessments in various institutions, including state and national education departments.

You can rely upon a company recommended and trusted by educators to handle every aspect of the exam delivery, including offering invigilation services and safely handling secure information of the candidates’ data.

Purpose-built assessment technology is necessary

No institution serious about maintaining its exam standards can afford to ignore purpose-built assessment technology. It is vital to take the help of technology that supports features like monitoring eye movements, validating the test taker’s identity, and rapidly identifying even the remotest signals of dishonesty (cheating, copying etc.).

Human intervention is advisable

Despite having efficient technology for exam management, it is advisable to have human intervention in the entire process. A combination of human intervention and AI provides the best results for a quality online assessment system.

The reason is that AI-assisted supervision technology is prone to making mistakes, and it’s better if a human validates any unwanted behaviour detected by it.

How does online proctoring technology help examinees?

Even though remote online proctoring technology is hugely beneficial for institutions and professional associations, it is also highly advantageous for the exam takers.

A large section of examinees finds it challenging to travel every time they need to take an exam. Some live in remote communities or face child care challenges. Such people will benefit a lot from having the option of taking a test at home, without travelling anywhere.

They will not feel discriminated against because of their location or inability to travel. Even if a candidate has to stop their assessment for personal reasons, the technology will capture that and allow the examiners to provide an alternative assessment.

Educational institutions must maintain their academic standards in the post-Covid era of remote learning. Using purpose-built technology helps maintain the desired academic integrity while minimising the chances of dishonesty.


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