Google Adsense vs Other Advertising Services – Which are Better?


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Advertising is a popular way to earn money with a website. Advertising keeps it’s appeal among the site owner still. Because it is an easy way to earn money online than affiliate marketing. Again, various multi-sectoral companies are giving attention to online advertising. So, the online advertising sector is growing more. It is increasing the scopes to earn more money through the website as a publisher. Every newcomer in blogging dreams first to make money with his/her new blog with advertising. Advertising is the reliable and easiest way to make money with a blog for the newcomer. Today, I am showing you about Google Adsense vs other advertising services, which is better for the publisher. Google Adsense vs other advertising services . Follow more post from by blog such as how to start a blog with wordpress.

Google Adsense vs Other Advertising Services- Which are better

Now, the question is what type of advertising network is suitable for you? And what is the best to make high revenue? Google Adsense is a very popular top advertising network in the world. Because they pay high revenue to the publisher. There are more Google Adsense alternative advertising service like RevenueHits,, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Adversal, Chitika, VigLink, Adengage etc. But, those are not suitable for making high revenue like Google Adsense. Now see the following difference and decide what is best if Google Adsense or other advertising services.




1. In Google Adsense, you will get 100% fill rate for having a huge number of the advertiser in its stock. Though for site design it may variant, but you will get more fill rate than other advertising services.

2. Google Adsense is the most contextual advertising network. So, you will get ads related to your articles. This type of ads has more opportunity to click.

3. Now,  Adsense is the most paying CPC (cost per click) rate advertising network. You will get high CPC rate from adsense that is not possible from others. Even, It is possible to earn about 50$ from a click from Google Adsense.

4. Adsense provides about all types of advertisements. They provide you with Banner ads, Text ads or Link Ads. You can choose according your demands.

5. In this ads network, you can edit ads style easily through Google AdSense dashboard. You can change your ads background color according your site theme.

6. Google Adsense has a reputation to pay the publisher revenue in time. You will get the Adsense revenue at every month within a fixed date. They pay revenue to the publisher with a bank account or wire transfer.



1. It is sure that you can’t get more fill rate than Google AdSense here. Because, these type of advertising networks have a few numbers of advertiser.

2. Most of the other advertising networks are not contextual. So, you will not get the related ads to your article. They show ads according their wills. So, It will be a little scope to click on your ads.

3. Other advertising networks are so far behind in this case than Google AdSense. Their ads CPC rate is so low in which you may become disappointed.

4. In this case, you may not get all these types of ads at the same time. You can’t choose your demanded ads to type from them. Visit in or follow more SEO and technology post.

5. But, in other advertising, you may not get more privilege on ads styling like Adsense. You have used their default ads style. 6) Here, You may not get your revenue in time. You may wait for an uncertain date to get your revenue in hand. Again, they will not send you the revenue with a bank account or wire transfer.

6. Here, You may not get your revenue in time. You may wait for an uncertain date to get your revenue in hand. Again, they will not send you the revenue with the bank account or wire transfer.


In conclusion, we can decide that Google Adsense is the best advertising service. It is so easier to make more money with Google Adsense than other advertising services that we noticed above. But, it is not so easier to get a Google Adsense account. To maintain the standard Quality and attracting the advertiser, Google is very strict. They strictly maintain their policy. So, to get an approved Google Adsense account, you have to maintain some rules. You have to be the owner of a website having unique contents. We will discuss later about Google Adsense more. Good bye for now.


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