Everything You Need to Know About Water Softeners


Water softeners, the unsung water filtration game heroes. They may not have the glitz of a UV filter or the glamour of a reverse osmosis system, but they are the workhorses that give your water its divine flavor. Not quite heaven, but not as bad as drinking pool water. But What precisely are the best water softeners, then?

Glad you inquired. These devices use an ion exchange procedure to extract calcium and magnesium from water. These minerals give your water its “hard” quality and cause the gorgeous white film that forms on your shower tiles. Water softeners, however, are here to the rescue.

Let’s now discuss how they operate. Two tanks comprise a water softener, one holding resin beads and the other brine (salt) water. The mineral ions in the hard water are drawn to the resin beads in the resin tank, which are then pulled out of the water. The softened water leaves the tank and enters your home’s plumbing system. The resin beads are replenished in the other tank’s brine water during this time, so they may keep removing minerals from your water.

Yet, there’s still more! Water softeners come in two varieties: salt-based and salt-free. You guessed it—salt—is used in salt-based softeners to replenish the resin beads. Although efficient, they need routine maintenance to keep the salt tank full. While using a method known as template-assisted crystallization, salt-free softeners transform hard minerals into harmless crystals that won’t stick to your pipes or appliances. Since they require less upkeep than salt-based softeners, they are less efficient.

What are the advantages of utilizing a water softener, then? Your water will, first of all, taste better—no more bitter or metallic flavors. You won’t need as much soap or detergent, and your clothes will be softer and last longer. Your plumbing system will also appreciate it because there won’t be any mineral buildup to cause clogs or harm to your pipes and appliances. Remember your skin and hair, too. You’ll experience fewer dry patches and frizzy hair days since softened water is kinder to your skin and hair.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to take into account. As previously indicated, salt-based softeners need routine maintenance, including filling the salt tank. Also, improper disposal of the salt brine released during regeneration can harm plants and the environment. While salt-free softeners are low maintenance, they might not be as good at getting rid of all the minerals in your water, so over time, you might still see some buildup.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking a system that can withstand much water without losing effectiveness. We’ve searched the internet for the top high-capacity water softeners and created a list. So sit back, unwind, and prepare to be astounded by these bad boys’ softening power.

The Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener comes first. This enormous machine can handle grains of hardness up to 64,000, making it a fantastic option for huge homes or companies. Thanks to the dual-tank design, you will always have softened water, and the digital control head makes programming and monitoring simple. Also, a five-year warranty is included, allowing you to rest easy knowing your investment is secure.

The AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT Fleck 9100SXT is the next system on the list, and with a capacity of 96,000 grains, it is a powerhouse for eliminating hard minerals from water. It also has a high-capacity resin tank and an intuitive control head to adjust and keep track of performance. To be noticed is the 10-year warranty. Well, folks, ten years of excellent soft water.

The ABCwaters Triple Combo Whole House Fleck 5600sxt is a system that can manage even more water if you’re seeking one that can. This tough guy can handle grains of hardness up to 300,000, making it ideal for large households or small enterprises. You also won’t need to worry about putting anything together yourself because it already has a resin tank, a carbon tank, and a brine tank loaded. The best thing, though? There is a lifetime warranty included. Folks, you read that right: lifetime.

But what if you’re seeking an eco-friendly, high-capacity water softener? The Pelican NaturSoft Water Softener is the only option. This device uses a salt-free, template-assisted crystallization process to remove the hard minerals in your water. It includes an internal sediment filter that can filter out any dirt or debris from your water and handle up to 80,000 grains of hardness. In addition, you may test it out risk-free because a 90-day satisfaction guarantee additionally supports it.

We have the Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener, last but certainly not least. This system is an attractive option for houses with high iron levels in their water because it has a 64,000-grain capacity and an integrated iron filter. Additionally, it has a resin tank that can last up to 5 years before needing to be changed and an easy-to-use control head.


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