Sir Walter Buffalo Turf The Greatest Lawn Treatment On The Market Benefits Both Residential And Commercial Properties.


Although there are many various types of natural grass turfs available today, only a select few of them can grow in Australia’s tough tropical climate and remain green, healthy, and soft. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is a natural grass that is particularly hardy. Which can endure any Australian climate and stay healthy, green, and soft. The only natural grass turf in Australia having Plant Breeder’s Rights and a cultivation permit is called Buffalo Turf. The purchaser receives a proof of validity from the turf field with a full license to confirm whether the Sir Walter turf is genuine or not. The authenticity certificate guarantees that the Sir Walter grass is not only genuine but also of great quality and condition. Now, Introduced Sir Walter buffalo turf for the first time in the mid-1990s.

It was created and raised in Australia. It immediately made a name for the ideal replacement for its forerunners and it rose to the top of the list of lawn choices for care in Australia. The texture of Sir Walter’s buffalo turf is softer. And a more beautiful green colour than other grass species available on the market. Additionally, despite the fiercest summer temperatures and the coldest winter temperatures, it possesses inherent properties that enable it to maintain its year-round natural green tint. In Australia, it has been spread over hundreds of metres of land, and research has shown that it effectively repels weeds and a fungus, a number of grass diseases. It requires little water and fertiliser and may grow in either direct or indirect sunlight. The following characteristics of Sir Walter’s buffalo turf include:

  • The capacity to thrive in Australia’s harsh climate
  • The ability to stay green and beautiful throughout the year despite hot summers, frigid winters, and torrential downpours.
  • The turf requires no specialised handling abilities and is simple to maintain.
  • Compared to other types, it requires less watering, which lowers water expenses.
  • Weeds, fungi, and other diseases of the grass are robust by nature.
  • Since there is no need for fertiliser and mowing, the lawn requires little upkeep.
  • Drought-resistant and Robust
  • Healthy grass for the environment that can repair itself.

Sir Walter Buffalo is one of the approximately ten or twelve Buffalo types that are offered in Australia. Buffalo grass cultivars ST85, ST26, and ST91, often known as St. Augustine grass in North America, are renowned for not tolerating herbicides that have been approved for use on Buffalo turf. Buffalo has approved the use of the herbicide Bromoxynil for the safe and effective management of bindii, clover, dandelions, and other weeds. However, this herbicide severely damages the leaves of these grasses and causes the loss of any affected stolons.


Australia’s best lawn product for residential, commercial, and recreational uses is Sir Walter buffalo. It offers a high level of aesthetic appeal for both commercial and residential properties in addition to its high level of durability.


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