Do You Need Insurance for a G1 License in Canada?


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For any driver who is 16 and older, Ontario has opened a 3-step guaranteed license. The first step to this is known as G1. So, if you become a G1 driver, you may need to get insured at the earliest. But it would help if you remembered that you might not be rated as a driver in this category by the insurance providers. The reason for this is simple- because these drivers do not have a lot of experience. That’s why they find it safe not to rate them at all. The rating process may, however, begin from the G2 phase.

Do You Need Insurance for a G1 License in Canada

In Ontario, G1 drivers need to handle auto insurance. This is what the law there states, and everyone must abide by it. Now, you must know that these people need to be incorporated into another individual current insurance policy. It is also essential to inform the insurance agent about the graduation of a G1 driver to a G2. If you also want to read more about car insurance in Edmonton, tap on the link for more.

Many factors play a significant role in deciding the insurance premiums provided by the insurance agent. Generally, you will find insurance premiums for G1 drivers are available between $3,751 to $7,280 for males. For females, you may find it to be nearly $3,275 to $5,198. So, you have to find out accordingly as per your requirement.

What Are The Requirements For G1?

A G1 license is significant as it is the primary step for the license system in Ontario. You do not have to worry much as it only complies with three main requirements.

  1. A basic eye test needs to be passed.
  2. A small written test is conducted and needs to be passed.
  3. The individual may be at least 16 years old.

Now, you must note that if you are a G1 driver, you can test at any available center in your city. All you need to carry is genuine proof of your identity. This documentation is compulsory for everyone, so you cannot miss it. Other documents may also be required, which may include:

  1. Ontario Status Card
  2. Ontario Photo Card
  3. Citizenship Photocard
  4. Permanent resident card
  5. Passport
  6. A study permit

What Are The G1 License Restrictions For You To Know?

Insurance firms do not charge for G1 drivers because it is compulsory to have a driver who features an exclusive G license in the vehicle. The G1 level is designed to gain some experience and learn how to drive a car comfortably. So, it is not for taking any significant risks in the long run. As a result, such a level is conducted under the supervision of an expert driver. This enables them to make sure that there is no room for accidents and injuries. Also, it helps them to ensure that the driver drives safely. This type of license comes with a five-year limit. However, you will find drivers testing for the next level after almost a year in most cases.

Now, if anyone is driving under the first license, which is G1, then they need to keep in mind a few restrictions:

  1. 400 series highways are restricted for people to drive.
  2. Drivers cannot continue to drive after either midnight and until 5 in the morning.
  3. Zero blood alcohol for safety and security
  4. Driver must contain a four years G license.

How Can A G1 Driver Save On Car Insurance?

We all know that new drivers pay the highest premiums when they opt for car insurance. This is because they are at a heightened risk of accidents and injuries. Statistics also suggest that this age group is most commonly susceptible to accidents and unforeseen situations in cars. That is why car insurance for them is vital at all times. This makes sure that they can protect their lives and their car scars as well. Since they also have no prior experience driving cars, it is best to have car insurance at hand for backup.

Now, you must note that there are a few essential tricks to save up on your G1 car insurance in Ontario. Say, for example, if you register for a government-approved and certified license of driving, then your insurance firm will regard that for you. This will help decrease the costs of the premium to an exponential extent in need.

Also, suppose you showcase a clean driving record shortly without any accidents or unforeseen events. In that case, insurance companies will again consider that for you and reduce the overall cost of the premium. But you must have proper proof of all that in hand. This doesn’t mean that you start to be dishonest about a clear record, as insurance companies will have enough evidence at hand. So, if you get caught, your car insurance may become entirely invalid.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining A Certified And MTO Approved Driving Course?

If you wish to enroll in an MTO-approved driving course, several benefits can be derived from it. However, one of the primary benefits to keep in mind is that they will offer comprehensive learning, and you can practice driving skills without any worries. So, you can learn this from an expert professional who will be there to guide you at all times. Here are some benefits you can receive:

  1. You can turn into a comfortable and capable driver in no time.
  2. Instructors will deliver comprehensive training to students as they expose them to mandatory tools and driving awareness techniques.
  3. The lessons and instructions that you receive at this time are all government-approved.
  4. You can learn about diverse driving circumstances.
  5. You can save sufficient money on your car insurance.

The Bottom Line

Here is all that you need to know about the G1 license in Ontario. So, if you are interested in obtaining one, make sure you read this article carefully and leave no stone unturned. We promise; it will help you like never before.


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