The Secret of Choosing the Best Curtains According to the Pros


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Curtains are one element of home decor you can’t ignore. It is a crucial piece that sets the stage for the room. The possibilities are endless for curtains. With wide-ranging options on the market, making the right choice can be overwhelming.

Interior designers help you choose the best designs for your interiors. Right now, there is a great demand for interior designers in Sydney. In general, interior designers work in large metropolitan areas in the continent where they earn more than those working in smaller cities and rural areas.

The Secret of Choosing the Best Curtains According to the Pros

In this article, we compiled quick tips on choosing curtains based on recommendations from professional interior designers in curtain suppliers in Sydney.

1. Know the difference between curtains and drapes

First, you must figure out what window treatment a room requires. Homeowners choose between curtains, blinds, and shades without knowing the distinctions. Choosing the wrong window treatment can interfere with the amount of light your room receives.

Curtains are fabric panels designed from light materials and hang from rods. The primary function of curtains is for privacy, making them ideal for living rooms. In contrast, drapes are thicker material to block out sunlight, making them perfect for bedrooms. Consult with curtain suppliers in Sydney for the best options for your space.

2. Choose the right fabric

The material plays a crucial role in the look of the room. Materials from lace, to cotton, to medium-weight brocade are some of the choices. A couple of factors you must consider while picking fabric are the following:

3. The amount of sunlight coming in

The primary décor of the room- for instance, heavy fabrics are more suitable for traditional rooms, whereas sheer fabrics work best in rooms with minimalist style.

Bear in mind that every fabric falls differently from a height. Because of this, it will look different when pleated and tied back.

To make sure your curtains complement your interiors, it is best to hire an interior designer. Interior designing is an in-demand job in Sydney. There is a 40% growth in the industry over the past five years. According to the current Australian Bureau of Statistics, it is currently one of the economy’s top-performing sectors.

4. The colour of the curtain can make or break a room’s style

The curtain’s colour must be in sync with the rest of the furnishings. Choose drapes that are in harmony with the decor or make a bold contrast. For a pleasing look, select drapes in a colour that matches the shade of your walls. But if you want specific colours to be the main focus of a room, pick a colour that contrasts with the furniture and walls.

5. Choose between prints and solids

You must examine the pervading style in the room, whether it is prints or solids.
If every piece of furnishing in a room is solid coloured, it is best to opt for printed curtains—the opposite holds. Bear in mind that prints add distinction to any element. Because of this, one way to work with printed curtains is to match them with coloured furniture with printed cushions, accessories, area rugs, and many others. Also, opt for unique prints and geometric patterns with modern style. Florals will be suitable for classic and traditional styles.

What is Australian interior design style?

Currently, the trends in Australian interiors are defined by massive abstract artworks, panelled feature walls, punches of colours in deep muted tones, and textured decor. Homeowners have an appreciation for artisanries, such as beautiful handmade woven baskets and hand-thrown ceramics.


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