Copy Trading India: Investment Platform for Everyone Who Wants to Invest


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Copy-trading, otherwise called social trading, empowers individual traders to contribute their exchanging assets with other fruitful dealers and duplicate their exchanging systems, generally for a little charge or a cut of the money management broker’s benefit. Copy-trading stages can either be mechanized, semi-robotized or manual, which gives the broker fluctuating degrees of generally speaking control.

Copy Trading India: Investment Platform for Everyone Who Wants to Invest

Traders ought to have the chance to keep up with full control of exchanges with a drawn-out plan and hazard the executive’s system.

Copy Trading Platforms in India

These are the best brokers of copy trading India for 2022, as per our testing and our exploration.

● AvaTrade:

AvaTrade is one of the most amazing forex copy trading stages situated in Ireland and controlled in Europe by the Central Bank of Ireland. They are a very rare example of top forex specialists offering fixed spread forex trading. Avatrade gives a broad scope of copy trading and social stages for you to browse. This is one of the most mind-blowing copy trading stages that permits programmed ongoing replicating of copying activities starting with one trading account and then onto the next


FXTM is another famous copy trading stage. This is a global ECN representative who is likewise extremely dynamic, especially in Asian and African business sectors. They offer a broad scope of record type decisions. This copy trading stage likewise offers the FXTM Invest administration for a base store of $100.

You can begin replicating top traders at FXTM with a base store as low as $100. This makes copy trading very reachable.

● IC Markets :

● (ZuluTrade) Very Cost Effective System for Copy Trading India

IC Markets is one of the most practical trading stages of the market because of its low bonus rates. Additionally, it has incredible request execution highlights and different open doors for you to procure recurring automated revenue. It likewise offers extra copy trading administrations in association with Autotrade, MyFxBook, and ZuluTrade

● InstaForex:

InstaForex was among the principal dealers to offer copy trading and stays a well-known choice for novices since anybody can begin with a base store of $10
InstaForex began around 2010 and offers a wide arrangement of business sectors to copy, including records, item fates, digital forms of money, products, CFDs on stocks, and cash matches.

How Does Copy Trading Work?

Copy-trading requires two dealers and a Forex broker, which gives the stage for them to cooperate. One dealer is the supplier or administrator, and they will make their exchanging techniques accessible for others to follow. The other dealer, or financial backer, chooses the supplier they wish to follow – ordinarily for a charge or a cut of the financial backer’s benefits. The broker gives the social stage to the supplier and the financial backer to meet and co-operate, expediting additionally the trading stage that the supplier will use to exchange.

Pros and cons of copy trading:


  • There is an opportunity to bring in cash bit by bit.
  • An extraordinary method for exchanging as an amateur
  • Assists with systems administration with master brokers


  • Tracking down the right copy stage/copy programming. Numerous stages expect you to pay to get the product, staying away from organizations that are not upheld by the BBB.
  • It is genuine to determine which dealer. In the realm of web-based entertainment, individuals need to do top to bottom examination as opposed to just taking a gander at a profile picture. Use safeguard while searching for a broker to duplicate from.
  • Assuming utilizing a robotized programming, ensure that you screen your misfortunes and eliminate yourself before the entirety of your cash is no more.

Can you make money from copy trading?

Copy-trading resembles any speculation, as in you can either bring in cash or lose cash. You’re not entirely settled by which dealers you follow, as well as the planning of when you copy their trades — the two variables, will influence any subsequent benefits or misfortunes.

You ought to survey the benefit of every dealer before picking which one to follow and recall: in light, the fact that a trader is bringing in cash at a specific time doesn’t mean it’s the best chance to copy them.

How to Choose Copy Trading Brokers

Most brokers provide some shape of copy trading, and at the same time as some have their very own reproduction trading platforms, Third-party groups like Duplitrade, Zulutrade, and myFXbook are also available. When comparing brokers via their copy trading capability, remember:


Always verify that your dealer is regulated. Regulation is the protection of the budget and an absolute requirement for any dealer.

Trading platform:

Are you using the broker’s replica-trading service, or is it through Zulutrade, Duplitrade or Myfxbook, which can also have additional month-to-month prices if no longer provided free of charge?

Transparency and risk:

A higher copy buying and selling machine will provide investors with a detailed breakdown of the buyers to copy. These metrics must encompass threat metrics, earnings (brief-term, medium-time period, and lengthy-term) and max drawdown. Finding winning buyers is critical, but similarly essential is locating triumphing buyers who percentage your threat appetite.


Copy trading is not mirror buying and selling, where your buying and selling account mirrors the buying and selling hobby of the character you’re following. Flexibility will allow you to filter out which trades to duplicate, and the use of preset parameters for price/hazard/return to guide you.

Copy-trading Account:

Copy-trading can be limited to specific broker debts. Find out which bills offer replica buying and selling, understand what the minimum deposit on that account may be, and if the price of buying and selling (spreads and fee) is one of a kind on that account before signing up and making a deposit.


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