Compare Microfiber Leather and Real Leather Which is Better?


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With the structure of microfiber microfiber has a high resemblance to real leather, belongs to the third generation in the line of artificial leather. Microfiber leather is one of the best artificial leathers and a great alternative to real leather. To determine what is the difference between genuine leather and microfiber leather, to distinguish which is better. Read the article comparing Microfiber leather and real leather below, for a more detailed look.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Essence

Genuine leather is natural leather, created from the processing of skin peeled from animals. With popular types such as cow skin, sheep skin, goat skin, crocodile skin, python skin, ostrich skin.

Microfiber leather is artificial leather; Made from Microfiber fibers combined with 3D simulation technologies according to the structure of real leather.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Surface

Real leather lines have a more natural and beautiful texture than Microfiber leather. Meanwhile, the texture of Microfiber leather is microfibers that are carefully woven together. These artificial patterns are often smaller and more uniform, lacking the natural variation of textures.

Current Microfiber leather lines are created using different processes in terms of paper texture; embossed texture and suction texture to simulate real leather by 3D technology. Therefore, the appearance of Microfiber leather and real leather is almost completely similar, it is difficult to distinguish.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Weight

In terms of weight, Microfiber leather and genuine leather have a difference of 30%. Considering the same conditions, Microfiber leather weighs only 7/10 of real leather.

In fact, the density of Microfiber leather can be adjusted to different components in certain proportions during processing. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately distinguish between Microfiber leather and real leather by density. For example, Microfiber leather, which simulates 3D of real leather, is fire resistant with a weight close to that of real leather.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Smell

Genuine leather is made from animal skin, so it will inevitably have bad odors if it is not handled carefully. During the processing of formaldehyde and heavy metals. If these standards are exceeded, leather will often have unpleasant odors.

For Microfiber leather, there will be relatively no odor related problems. Besides, the smell of Microfiber leather is much more flexible. These leather lines can be produced according to demand by changing methods. Adding the corresponding ingredients in the production recipe creates a product with a different pleasing smell. And you can completely simulate the smell of Microfiber leather similar to the natural smell of treated animal skin.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Useful features

Microfiber leather and genuine leather are both highly practical and fine. Microfiber leather has a relatively higher wear resistance than real leather, the ability to be durable; tensile strength, breaking strength, tear strength; peel resistance and other physical properties are also much higher than real leather.

Acid or alkali resistant, mildew resistant; moisture and chemical properties, Microfiber leather is also much better than real leather.

The service life of Microfiber leather reaches 4 to 5 years. Some high quality lines can also be used for a much longer time; and achieve more stable performance, more durable than real leather.

Genuine leather is more comfortable and breathable than Microfiber leather thanks to the natural pores in the leather layer. But not all Microfiber leather is breathable. Some Microfiber leather products use perforation technology to increase good breathability.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Environmental protection

Microfiber leather is usually 30-50% polyamide material, which can be reused as a manufacturing material. Microfiber leather line is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly leather. So, if you compare Microfiber leather and real leather , you can see that Microfiber leather is more environmentally friendly.

In particular, water-based Microfiber in the microfiber production process is an absolute environmental protection technology. No organic solvents are used in the whole process, but water is used instead. So products made from water-based Microfiber leather are recommended to be used a lot because it is good for the green living environment.

Microfiber and genuine leather: Stability and usage rate

Completely natural, real leather has a uniform size and density. Meanwhile, Microfiber leather can be mass produced with quality; performance, size and flatness are uniform as well as high stability. Therefore, Microfiber leather and real leather have not too big a difference in usage rate. And the ratio is higher in favor of Microfiber leather.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Price

Usually, Microfiber leather and real leather will have a difference in price. Genuine leather is more expensive and often fluctuates sharply due to changes in supply and demand.

However, some top-of-the-line Microfiber leathers cost more than genuine leather due to their structural content and high-tech use. Some of these high-grade microfiber leathers are often many times more expensive than real leather. Therefore, the precious, high-class is no longer the exclusive right that real leather owns.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather: Maintenance

There is a big difference between microfiber leather and real leather in the maintenance process.

Microfiber leather is mainly composed of polyamide and polyurethane, which has very strong chemical stability. There are basically no special maintenance requirements, most of them can be cleaned directly with a wipe.

Meanwhile, the post-use maintenance requirements of real leather are relatively high. It needs a special cleaning agent and regular cleaning maintenance, otherwise it is prone to mildew. This always makes the cost of using real leather increase significantly.

Microfiber leather and genuine leather each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, or different budgets, you can choose. If you have the choice of Microfiber leather, let us advise you more information. Currently, Yan Chuang has a full range of Microfiber leather models with different colors and styles for you to choose from.


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