Abacus Maths – A Unique Skill Set That Takes Children Places


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Geniuses – How They’re Made

On a fundamental level, all of us are born equal, i.e., the innate abilities of every individual are the same. These inherent abilities are present inside every child in a potential, unmanifest form. However, as they grow up, some children turn out to be geniuses in some fields, others exhibit mediocrity, while many others remain underachievers – often considered failures in life, judging by normal, worldly human standards. The fundamental question that arises then is what makes individuals’ lives drift so far apart?

Well, precisely speaking, it is the methodology one adopts to progress in a field. A step-by-step and meticulous approach can, over time, transform even an average child into a genius. The most befitting example to corroborate the aforesaid is that of Abacus Maths. While on the one hand, many children find mathematics too difficult to grasp, especially because of the lengthy, complicated, and cumbersome calculations entailed therein, many, on the other, are able to effortlessly perform such tedious calculations.

Helping your child excel in Mathematics

To rise above mediocrity and excel in a field as dreaded as the field of Mathematics, a child needs to attain mastery over performing mathematical calculations swiftly. This can best be achieved through learning Abacus Maths, a system of study that systematically trains a child to leverage his mental capabilities to perform mathematical calculations fast. To let your kid master Abacus Maths, you may need to enrol him in a reputed Abacus Maths institute.

As new and upcoming entrepreneurs, many people procure an Abacus franchise in India, however, not every Abacus franchise is capable of tapping into the latent potential of children and unveiling it in its full glory. Therefore, while enrolling their children in an Abacus franchise in India, parents should always look for the most promising brand name. To differentiate an outstanding Abacus institute from a mediocre one, parents can consider the following factors:-

  1. The teaching methodology adopted must excite and engage children in learning.
  2. The institute should focus on the use of multi-sensory activities to help every child connect with what they are learning.
  3. Availability and use of digital platforms and resources to impart knowledge of Abacus Maths to children in a holistic manner.
  4. The presence of well-qualified, highly-trained and acclaimed staff in the institute.
  5. Whether the institute conducts regular assessments to gauge the progress of each child.

Helps in Brain Storming

Your child can master the art of performing all mathematical calculations with an abacus up to 10 digits, without the use of more contemporary tools like calculators.

To become an expert abacus user, there are steps to follow and training approaches. The quick communication between the hands and the brain that occurs when children use both hands to move the beads for small and large arithmetic calculations not only stimulates brain cells that support faster and more accurate calculation, but also supports rapid, balanced, and complete brain development.

Now that you are aware of all the advantages of learning abacus math, let’s talk about how to practise math. Every textbook includes a few practise problems, but we constantly feel that these are insufficient. We desire further practise issues.

Helps in increasing Concentration Level

As they learn to use the abacus through visual learning, children can improve their attentiveness. A child’s capacity for visualisation may be impacted by abacus training. Kids between the ages of 4 and 14 tend to focus more on lessons (or books) that are aesthetically pleasing.

Abacus allows kids the freedom to move the beads on an Abacus instrument rather than on paper to answer a question. Their focus is increased by this technique. Within a split second, they listen, envision, compute, and so solve the sum. All of this necessitates conceptual comprehension and requires intense focus.

Abacus teaches children to analyse problems and make calculations in their heads. Unquestionably, it is due to improved focus skills.

Boost Creativity

According to reports, children who have been taught using the abacus tool from a young age performed seven points better on IQ exams than children who have received no abacus instruction at all.

When it comes to the visual, auditory, and memory portions of the IQ exam, children who have been educated with the abacus did better than those who have not. The abacus is a tool that is initially designed to represent numbers via a visual format.

You can communicate with the teacher on the front lines in a more condensed context by participating in online abacus education. Given that everything is almost at your fingertips, this is more advantageous.

The instructor is competent to impart knowledge and provide you the most instructive and useful.

Boost Self-Confidence

Abacus instruction helps a child get over their math phobia. He can quickly and accurately solve arithmetic problems with an abacus. When the same occurrence occurs repeatedly, math appears to the child to be a sport that he has mastered. He gains confidence as a result in his peer groups, outside of them, at home, and everywhere else.

There are numerous additional significant and minor advantages that a youngster might gain from learning the abacus in addition to these five most obvious ones. I strongly suggest that parents require their children to learn the abacus, preferably from an early age (age 4 onwards).

Tried and tested, always the best

One of the safest and the best ways to figure out the most promising Abacus institute for your child is to focus on the past record of the institute. A renowned and tried and tested brand name in the domain of Abacus Maths will not only possess years of rich experience but will also have a meticulous curriculum which will gradually accustom your child to the increasing difficulty levels of the Abacus. This will prove beneficial in helping your child better assimilate the knowledge of Abacus Maths. Hence, to bring forth the hidden talent in your kid, it is always a prudent step to enrol your child in a proven and results-oriented Abacus Maths Academy.


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