How to Make Your Business Truly Unique


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There are plenty of businesses out there, all vying for your potential customer’s attention, and it can be a real challenge to make yours both memorable and unique. So many ‘copy and paste’ brands follow the same structure and plan that they all seem to blend together – and that’s the last thing you want for your company. This is, of course, easy said than done, but there are some things you can explore to find your own ‘USP’.

How to Make Your Business Truly Unique

#1 You need to use social media

As a starting point, you will need to learn how to use your business’s social media accounts to your advantage. There are so many things that social media can do to benefit your business, both in the short term and over time. You will also find that using a range of social media platforms and content makes your business more legitimate and relevant to the most people.


They say a picture paints a thousand words, so using video on your YouTube is likely to engage an audience. With that in mind, your first priority is to learn how to get verified on YouTube. YouTube is best utilized for more lengthy and detailed videos that allow more opportunities for creativity and personality to come across. It is also a key platform that you can use over a long time due to its versatility and the number of long-time users.


Another platform with long-time users is Twitter, and it can be a great place to make announcements and interact with your customers. It can also be a great opportunity to run competitions and engage with your more seasoned customers, and it provides you with the perfect opportunity to keep your customers loyal and give them a stronger brand identity to hold onto.


Instagram is great for advertising your business and bringing in new customers. It can also help you actively look for a wider audience through hashtags and social media influencer marketing. This is a great way to build your brand identity, much like Twitter, and introduce new customers as well as being able to interact with older customers.


Even though you are posting on Twitter and Instagram, using TikTok can be great if you want to get that ‘viral’ stamp. You can use emerging trends and topics to help target a younger audience or potentially just use the platform for publicity. You can be incredibly clever about using this platform and work with certain soft sell techniques to get your followers to look at your Instagram, which might be a lot more ‘hard sell’.

Overall, using all of the main social media platforms together gives you the widest scope and the biggest opportunity to give your customers a look at what you do and, just as importantly, what you stand for.

#2 Utilize your employees to help growth

Using your employees to help you grow a better business can sound a little strange, but there are a number of things that your employees do which can change the shape and direction of your business and its sales. This is crucial to understand; by knowing that your employees are key to growth, you are likely to increase your business’s longevity and its strength and adaptability.


Morale is at the heart of this, so you need to ensure that you are investing a lot of time into this. The overall mood of your employees will directly impact product quality, production speed, and how they behave on the work site. By ensuring that morale is high, you are helping your employees create a healthier and happier workspace for your business to thrive.


It is no exaggeration to say that training is like gold dust to your company, and you will need a lot of it. Training your employees has an almost bottomless pit of benefits, which include:

  • More enthusiastic employees
  • Faster (and more confident) problem-solving
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • Speedier production rates across the board
  • Equipment lasting longer due to correct use
  • More loyal employees overall

Investing in training can be expensive, but it is worth your while – so a bit of short-term financial pain can bring long-term benefits.


Nurturing a community is likely to be incredibly important to your overall success. You need to make sure that every employee not only has a strong support network provided by your company but also that they are building a strong support network between themselves.

By encouraging the growth of friendships, you are also giving them a more positive work environment, as working with friends often leads to a much more enjoyable time altogether, regardless of what the actual job entails.

#3 Create a website that stands out from the crowd

You are going to need to make sure that your website does the job you want it to do while at the same time making your business look relevant and legitimate. You will find that heavily linking it to your social media output is a great way to do this.

You should ensure that you are working toward making your website a dedicated space that is clear, communicates well, looks good, and is tailored to your audience.

Pick the right customer service model

You will need to make sure that your website is tailored to your audience and whatever it is you happen to be selling – and your customer service model can help you with that.

Learning if you should be using a transactional or a relational service model can help you appeal to the right audience and enhance their buying experience with you, which can put yourhead and shoulders above the competition.

Website agency

A website agency can help you make your website run smoothly and look stunning. They are also likely to be able to help you with a huge range of beneficial services, the foremost among which isSEO. This can be a great way to boost your online presence by ranking higher in organic searches for your industry or niche.

A few final thoughts

There is no shortage of things to focus on to help your business become one of a kind. You will need to make sure that you have an excellent website and back that up with investment in website agency services to keep it that way. This can be enhanced by knowing your customer service model to improve your buyers’ experience and make them want to come back.

You will also find that training, morale, and building a community all work towards making your business the best place to work for your employees. Lastly, you will almost certainlybenefit from using social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to ensure that you are reaching and interacting with your new and old customers.


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