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Why Do We Need To Focus on IRA Conversion?

One thing about late-stage capitalism is that we are going to have to look out for ourselves to figure out how we will save and grow our own financial health. Baby boomers love to make fun of younger generations, arguing that younger people would be able to afford their own houses if they simply stopped eating avocado toast. What are some of the other stereotypes that older people use to marginalize younger people? Considering that Generations Y, Z and Alpha will be the poorest Americans in the history of this country, clearly the baby boomers are crafting lies they perpetuated themselves by encouraging young people to take out student loans.

Older people exhibit considerable climate change denial, and thus are unwilling to accept the role they have played in the destruction of the planet over the course of several decades. They simply do not understand why they were not able to be as destructive to the planet as previous generations were without any socio-cultural consequence. This is akin to the Reconstruction generation of white Americans who felt cheated for not being able to enslave African-Americans. Older generations have an ignorant mentality that is tantamount to: “If I suffered, you should too!”

Baby boomers are assuming that younger generations have frittered away their potential wealth by spending way too much money on overpriced breakfasts. At this point, the mere sound of the phrase “avocado toast” should make younger people roll their eyes in sheer disgust. The focus on millennial ineptitude is the most embarrassingly anti-intellectual position that older people have taken. Sadly, by refusing to expand their worldview to accept their own contribution to the poverty of younger generations, baby boomers are instead grasping at straws to make their irrelevant case about the inherent inferiority of younger people.

They are quick to argue that their generation did not have subscription streaming, pilates classes and expensive coffee drinks. These items are, of course, marketed to younger generations by the very baby boomers who own these corporations. They say younger generations should just eat pizza instead of pricey vegetables, skip going to college and should live at home with their parents for longer. The baffling element of this analysis is the fact that these boomers were not able to take advantage of any of these luxuries the way they are encouraging younger folks to.

What Changes Have Been Made?

Older people lived in a world where they could work at a low-paying job that offered its employees a minimum wage that had more purchasing power than minimum wage has today. Their generation has patently refused to make America as livable as it was for them, because again, we are looking at a level of greed that has never been seen before. Their generation is quick to extol the virtues of the “greatest generation”: their parents, the people who sacrificed their youth so America could survive World War Two. Have they suffered the same amount of financial strain that their parents have, or even that their grandchildren have? The numbers indicate that they simply have not.

Here is the problem. These older people do not recognize just how much of a head start they enjoyed over their own children and grandchildren. They do not realize how much social spending existed and how many social safety nets they were able to benefit from, as the Federal Reserve was in its infancy and the government was still invested in ensuring that the minimum wage was enough to feed a family on. This group of people refuses to accept that the same seven dollars an hour that they earned was enough to purchase way more than seven dollars is able to purchase today.

Is this a failure of American education as well? Surely it is, as several Republican administrations back to back have been invested in defunding education. If our educational system was worth its salt, would people be able to convert currencies across generations? Would such mathematics be top of mind for most people? I would hazard a guess that even if Americans were able to do the math, they probably would still be too greedy to fully grasp their own ignorance, or perhaps they would not care. Americans have demonstrated their lack of caring for future generations when the Sandy Hook school shooting occurred in 2012 and Americans did nothing to change their gun laws and in fact campaigned against changing these laws to ensure the safety of their own children.

If these children were not valuable enough for Americans to shift their thinking, who are we to ask for financial considerations? These people care so little for people’s lives that asking them to care about people’s financial health seems like a waste of time. Americans were perfectly willing to throw away decades of legislation that allowed for a woman’s right to choose the best decision for her own body. Now, we are a state that is headed towards forced births by the government. But do we have protections for those children once they are born?

Not at all: Republicans are pro-birth, not pro-life. If they were pro-life, we would not have to scratch and scrape for childcare. America and North Korea are the only two countries in the world without paid maternity leave and zero paternity leave. There is no recourse for people who need help raising their children, and no exceptions in cases of incest or rape in many states. In a few states, those exceptions exist, which is essentially the American government arguing that a woman can only have the right to her own body when someone breaks and enters it.

Why Must We Invest In Ourselves?

When we take all of these issues as a sum total, it forces us to accept that Americans must take their financial health into their own hands, especially Americans in younger generations. This is why when we are preparing ourselves for the future we need to visit different websites like https://www.ossianstatebank.com/how-to-rollover-401k-to-gold-ira/ to give ourselves a fighting chance at converting our 401K accounts to Gold IRA accounts, as gold is less volatile than the American dollar. Given that we are experiencing a bout of inflation that was spurred on by the creation of so many new billionaires during the pandemic and the further enrichment of already-rich people who refuse to pay taxes, most of us are struggling. Do visit Dunnedin Ventures gold IRA for more guidance.

Therefore we are forced to think about the various ways that we can preserve our cash in investment vehicles that will retain their value over generations. Gold is critically important to that process. The specie that exists throughout the world may not withstand the expansion of the conspicuous consumption class as late-stage capitalism is increasingly about the accumulation of wealth over responsible corporate governance. Furthermore, since the American government seems insistent on legislating according to constitutional literalism, we may lose the right to open bank accounts for ourselves if we are women or African-Americans.

If you are shocked about this, please remember that the United States Supreme Court has rendered itself almost entirely illegitimate over the course of the last few years. In fact, Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia attempted to assist in the overthrow of the United States government on January 6, 2021. While her husband was rolling back protections for women’s rights, she was attempting to undermine the electoral system that undergirds our entire government. It is rather alarming that Virginia has not even apologized for her antics, and the Supreme Court is imbalanced in favor of conservative Republicans who are legislating in a way that is out of step with the majority of Americans.

Does this sound like the kind of country that will support of anyone except the extremely rich? Somehow, antitrust legislation has not protected small businesses from the takeover antics of big business. Somehow, mergers and acquisitions have been allowed to run rampant in this country, stifling small business and competition as these massive corporations have found a way to needle their way into every industry without any actual threats to their money-making. Is that truly fair for average Americans? Probably not, which is why we have been forced to learn more about creating financial opportunities for ourselves since the government probably will not help us at all.

This is why you should be mindful of your collection of gold items and other precious alloys. It is extremely important to think about where the funds in the 401K you have earned over the course of several decades will end up, and considering investing in alloys that retain strong value over the course of several decades (and in some case, centuries) is a wise decision. You might turn the tide in your favor if you make the right investments that will buttress your needs by the time you are of retirement age, as the current retirees are more interested in enriching themselves and making fun of youths for their values than actually supporting them financially the way they were supported by people even older than themselves.

What Will The Future of Finances Be?

Does this sound incredibly unfair? That is because that is exactly what it is — society is more focused on helping the rich get richer and sadly, very few people under the age of 50 are ever going to be in that category. Additionally, many powerful people have persuaded poor people to vote against their own interests by distracting them with racist dog whistles. There are many poor white Americans mired in extreme destitution who vote for Republican candidates who will do nothing to help lift them out of poverty. They do this because Republicans convince these voters that they hate the same people — African-Americans, Asian Americans, Indigenous Americans and many others —and so they persuade them to vote for a party that will oppress the people they want oppressed.

Instead of focusing on their own financial health, the average poor white American voter is so focused on hatred, misplaced and misguided conservative values and expanding the reach of their racist behavior that they do not even notice that they are being stolen from. President Lyndon B. Johnson had a very famous saying: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, Give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” This, unfortunately, is the motivating factor behind the way a lot of Americans vote, and thus, they have hampered their own ability to lift themselves out of poverty.

When we look back on how America has operated over the last century, we quickly realize we are in a position where the wisest thing to do is to support ourselves. The government may not invest in Social Security enough for future generations to benefit from their payouts, and thus, we must save ourselves financially. We have to have our own backs, which means we have to do our research on precious metals and alloys to keep our wealth contained in investment products that will boost us and our financial health more than our legislators or politicians seem prepared to.


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