7 Common Construction Accident Scenarios for Hiring a Building Accident Lawyer


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If you work in construction, you should be aware of the dangers and hazards that are part of your job. Construction accidents take place every other day despite the many precautions. If you find yourself in an accident, contact your lawyer quickly. With the help of a good portland workers compensation attorney, you will not only get back to work and have all your medical expenses catered for.

7 Common Construction Accident Scenarios for Hiring a Building Accident Lawyer

Below are 7 Common construction accident scenarios for hiring a building accident lawyer.

1. Building Demolition Accident

Construction sites that have issues are the common areas for demolition to take place. During the process, some accidents are likely to take place. For demolition accidents to be avoided, the workers are provided with safety gear and proper training. However, at times accidents do take place despite all the precautions.

2. Fall Offs

Falling off a ladder or a tall building during construction can take place. Most construction accidents are related to falls. For these accidents to be avoided, necessary measures need to be observed. Accidents are bound to occur where precautions are not observed, resulting in fatal fall-off accidents.

3. Slip Accidents

Unkempt stairs during construction are most likely to result in an accident. In other cases, poor lighting, floor holes and broken stairs also result in slipping accidents. These accidents, in most cases, result in sprained ankles and broken legs. In extreme cases, one may slip off, and the accident results in traumatic brain injury or even death.

4. Faulty Tools

Faulty equipment on a construction site leads to extreme injuries. If you are using scaffolding, scissor lifts, or cranes, you should be aware of their danger. For safety, they need to be well maintained, and each person on the construction site needs to know how to use the equipment. Unfortunately, accidents are not pre-determined. They may occur as a result of a faulty tool. This will then require you to be fully compensated for the injuries.

5. Falling Objects

While walking near a construction site, there is a need to be careful. There is a possibility of an accident taking place. Because of this possibility, the labor law is enforced to protect passing people and workers from objects that fall from the construction site that result in injuries. Heavy objects might sometimes fall, resulting in permanent and severe injuries.

6. Electrical Injuries

If you suffer an electrical while at the construction site, it is wise to contact your building accident lawyer. All construction owners must adhere to all the safety measures for all their employees.

7. Explosions and Fires

Different elements lead to a construction site fire. Equipment malfunction, gas leaks and electrical misuses are the main conditions leading to an explosion. Once these accidents took place, they led to first-degree burns as well as diseases that take place as a result of smoke inhalation.

If you find yourself involved in such an accident, contact your lawyer. Have them take up the duty of following up on your compensation.

Have you recently been involved in a construction-related accident? If you have, do not hesitate to contact a law firm near you. They will help you get fully compensated and also save your time.


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