2 Book Genres You Need to Read and Why


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Books are an amazing way to explore new worlds and boost your imagination. Especially the ones like crime and mystery books that keep you rooted to your seat and get you biting your nails in curiosity. There is nothing like sitting down to read a book and letting your creativity run wild while you picture the setting and characters in your head. Books can be a fantastic tool to be used as an escape from the reality of busy schedules and can reduce the stress of daily life. There is a wide variety of book genres out there, and it depends on what suits your tastes best. Expanding your reading habits is also a great way to expose yourself to more of the wondrous worlds created by authors.

2 Book Genres You Need to Read and Why

1. Science Fiction

Science fiction has been a huge part of modern cinema and TV. Exploring futuristic worlds with devices and creatures that seem ahead of their time and unrealistic is one of the main appeals to fans. It is a great way to escape from reality and put yourself in a whole new world full of wonderous things. Whether you are a lover of space or intrigued by aliens, a science fiction book will surely be a pleasure for you to read.

Science fiction can cover a wide range of topics and stories and is an endless genre that will always be a staple in media. The genre of science fiction can also be used in combination with various other genres like horror. Blending science fiction themes with horror is also a popular choice for fans of both genres, proven by the success of many films that follow these two themes impressively. Science fiction is incredibly adaptable and can let your imagination run wild while you imagine the otherworldly creatures and technology described in the book.

2. Fantasy

The genre of fantasy has always been a popular choice amongst authors and filmmakers. It can cover such a wide range of settings and storylines that it makes the possibilities endless. A lot of fantasy books can have many pages and take a while to read so that’s why you should invest in a good and sturdy pair of reading glasses; check out Just-glasses.co.uk to see the options that are out there for you and your reading habits.

Fantasy can include absolutely anything it wants to, whether it sets the scene of a world filled with magic, or a destination overrun by dragons. Many films of this theme are often adapted from original books that are much loved by the plethora of fans of the genre.

Escape From Reality

Another reason why you should delve into the world of fantasy is because, similarly to science fiction, you can let your imagination run wild. The whole point of fantasy media is the fact that it is unrealistic and depicts an unfamiliar world. A popular form of escapism is allowing yourself to get lost in a story about a world so vastly different to this one, so far as being to imagine yourself in that world.

The genre you choose entirely depends on your tastes and the media you prefer to consume. Your favorite book genre may not be the same as your favorite genre of TV shows and movies.


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