What You Need to Know About Laser Eye Surgery


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When you are suffering from poor eyesight or when you are fed up with wearing glasses, you can begin to wonder what options are out there. Improving your eyesight and breaking free from glasses is achievable, and to ensure that this successfully happens, you have to look at having laser eye surgery. Deciding to have surgery is one thing, but what else should you know about the treatment, and what questions should you be asking.

What You Need to Know About Laser Eye Surgery

Where and When You Can Have it Done

To begin with, you have to establish where you can have surgery or a treatment carried out. For example, is there a specialist surgery that is local to you, or will you need to travel? When you have laser eye surgery, you will take a little time off work to recover, so you have to think about when you can fit it into (or around) your schedule. Of course, how much time you may need off work and how long your recovery time is will depend on what surgery you have had. You may need to factor in having a few days off, or you may need to consider having at least a week of rest.

What Treatment You Can Have

There is no one size fits all laser eye surgery, and this is important to remember. Having an appointment with a registered surgery and getting assessed is what you need to focus on. There are different options for treatment, and you may find that you are looking at LASIK treatment, or you may find that a consultant is discussing PRK with you. The treatment you can have will come down to a number of deciding factors, and these are discussed beforehand with your chosen consultant.

Who is Suitable

Not everyone will be suitable for laser eye surgery, and it is important that you establish suitability as soon as possible. When it comes to Laser eye surgery suitability, you may want to take a quick quiz online from a leading provider, or you may want to arrange an assessment and consultation to establish which option is best for you moving forwards. For a lot of surgeries, you have to be in a good state of health, and you have to be over 18 years of age.

How Much it will Cost

The cost will, of course, depend on what treatment or surgery you have. You could well find that you are looking at a few thousand dollars per eye. However, do not dwell on the cost too much. Focus on the benefits you will get, and think about how laser vision will improve your life and your eyesight. You will find that a lot of clinics and treatment centers help you with costings and even provide finance options.

Finding a Clinic or Treatment Center

Not all centers and clinics have the same standards or procedures, and it is important that you find the right clinic. When looking at clinics, do not just base your search on costings only. Instead, look for leading and trusted eye surgeons, good quality care, and positive recommendations.


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