How Do You Choose the Right Hot Water Supplier in Sydney


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Even if you only use a small amount of hot water, it is worth negotiating with a hot water supplier in Sydney and, check in detail to get the best deal and switch to the best. These positives include:

  • Lower prices
  • Improved customer service
  • Water management challenges are solved with new solutions
  • It is easier to follow regulations
  • Water efficiency
  • Services customised

There are many things to consider before you choose a water supplier. We have listed below the key factors to consider when choosing a new water retailer.

Take a close look at your water consumption habits

First, you need to assess your company’s water consumption. Gathering water bills from at least the last three years is a good way to start. Next, it’s time to analyze two aspects of your bill.

How much water you are using.

This is how much you spend on water.

Do you have multiple business locations? If so, you should audit your entire business and the numbers for each site.

There are many things to consider when calculating your water consumption, depending on how much water your business uses. What amount of wastewater do you need to consider, if any? What are your costs to dispose of this wastewater?

Search for Suppliers that Offer What You Want

Although it is important to find the right supplier for you, this is not the only thing that matters. This is not an easy decision or one you want to make lightly.

You don’t just need to look at price when looking for the right supplier. You should consider what they can do for you and how it can benefit your company.

Are you looking for a supplier that is transactional? Is there a supplier that offers a fair deal and matches your consumption habits? Maybe you are looking for a retailer that offers value-added services.

Customer service is a key aspect to look at. It is important to choose a supplier who takes customer service seriously, and provides it at a high standard. This is obvious. But how can you tell if they offer top-notch support? How do you know if they really are the best or just marketing hype?

For a good start, you should look at what customers have to say about the provider you are considering. Check out their customer reviews regarding service. You can also see how they approach the quote process. This is a sign of good customer service.

Compare Quotes

You’ve analyzed all possible suppliers. Now you have narrowed down your options and put the top ones on a list. It’s now time to get quotes and decide which one will be the best fit for you.

You will need some information to request business water quotations. This information includes:

  • Name of the business
  • Address for business
  • Figures for annual water consumption
  • Premises contact number

Remember that one supplier might quote their services differently to another supplier. You must ensure that all quotes are comparable. A deal that looks better than it actually is may not be the best for your business. It may also cost you more in the long-term.

Contact a Broker

It is difficult to find the right water supplier, and compare quotes. We get it. It is therefore logical to hire a specialist broker to handle the heavy lifting.

A specialist can help you save time and money, as well as know how to negotiate the best deals for your company. Utility Bidder can help you save even more than going straight to a supplier.


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