What is it Like to Get Laser Eye Surgery?


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Perhaps the most important visible part of your body are your eyes, both in terms of shaping how you live your life and quite literally how you see the world, but also because poor eye health can lead to a host of other complications throughout the body.

So, with this in mind, here is what it is like to get laser eye surgery and what you can expect from the procedure.

Before Your Laser Eye Surgery

During your initial consultation, you will be asked to answer detailed questions regarding your health status, whether or not you have had laser eye surgery on one or both of your eyes in the past and other queries relating to your personal situation.

Most eye clinics recommend that you stop wearing contact lenses, if you wear them at all, approximately two weeks before your surgery and instead wear your glasses. The simple reason for this is that contact lenses always change the core shape of the cornea for around a fortnight after they have been removed, and your cornea needs to be in the normal position for laser eye surgery.

During Your Laser Eye Surgery

For nearly ninety-eight percent of patients who elect to have laser eye surgery, they are actually in the operating room for no more than thirty minutes, and usually, it is around the twenty-minute mark.

Your surgeon or nurse will administer eye drops to the eye being treated and a soft pad will be used to thoroughly cleanse and sanitize the area around your eye socket.

The most discomfort will come when the incision into the cornea is made, which is necessary for the surgeon to complete the procedure and this will feel like pressure both being pulled and pushed onto your eyelid.

During the rest of the surgery, your vision will be blurry as your surgeon completes the operation and a clear plastic shield will be placed over your eye as soon as the surgery has ended.

After Your Laser Eye Surgery

Immediately after you leave the surgeon’s room and are taken to the waiting area, offered a drink and generally checked over, you will feel a low burning and irritation around your eye – you should not be feeling proper pain.

This is entirely normal and to be expected, but if you are concerned that other side effects occur either immediately after the operation, or else in the days, weeks and months after the procedure at home, you could talk to experts at the LASIK eye surgery Harrisburg.

What Not to Do in the First Few Weeks

Obviously, your surgeon and nurses will explain the specifics of your after-care instructions after the operation, but there are several standard directions everyone who undergoes laser eye surgery are told to follow.

These include not gardening, hoovering or undertaking any activity whereby you risk causing dust and debris to enter your eye socket, driving until you are one hundred percent confident your vision has completely returned, and not swimming for at least a fortnight afterward.


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