Types of Block Puzzles


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Block puzzles have recently become popular again as part of computer games such as Tetris, which has led to the development of other computer games based on block assembly. While these are played on computers, they still use physical laws to determine how pieces move within a confined space. This means that the same strategies used to solve traditional block puzzles may be used to play computer games like Tetris.

Types of Block Puzzles

This blog aims to explain various types of block puzzle games.

Categories of Block Puzzle Game

There seem to be several distinct types of block puzzle games, including the “Push 1 Block” game, the “Slide Puzzle,” and the “Line Up Blocks” game.

Push 1 Block

The Push 1 Block game is where you have a flat grid of squares, some empty and some filled with blocks. You can only push blocks into empty space if there is another block behind it to push it with. You win when all the blocks are pushed out through an exit on one side or another of the grid.

The Slide Puzzle

The Slide Puzzle is similar except that instead of pushing blocks, you slide them around on ice until eventually some of them fall into holes in the ground. The Slide Puzzle type seems more popular than the Push 1 Block type because people like to slide things more than push them, but otherwise, they seem pretty similar.

Line Up Blocks

The lineup blocks game has a completely different twist. You can’t move any block unless you can move all blocks below it as well. What happens is that there is a tray with some blocks in it, and your goal is to rearrange the blocks so that they are all in a line, either horizontal or vertical. The catch is that you can only move one block at a time, and you can only slide it into empty space if there is one next to it.

Block Puzzle Jewel

A block puzzle jewel is a cube with holes in it. A set of three or more blocks that fit together to form such a jewel. We can also refer to the individual blocks as jewels.

A block puzzle jewel has two properties that make it interesting: It doesn’t have a unique solution, and its symmetries are lower than you might expect.

Jigsaw puzzle epic

Jigsaw puzzle epic is a jigsaw game with over 5000 beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories. You can also create puzzles from your own photos. This game has amazing features, the most important of which are:

  • Over 5000 beautiful HD photographs in more than 250 different packs! Animals, landscapes, portraits, paintings, castles, flowers, islands… you name it.
  • New free puzzle games every day!
  • Completely free Jigsaw game No need to download more puzzle games
  • Daily challenges with extra rewards

Finally, a block puzzle is a type of puzzle where the goal is to fit a number of different sized pieces into a confined space to complete a picture or design. A common type of block puzzle is the assembly jigsaw. These are puzzles where the pieces can be freely moved and rotated. Other types include the tangram, which has seven pieces that must be arranged in order to make a particular shape, and the Soma cube, which has seven pieces that can be assembled into more than one shape. Block puzzles have been popular since ancient times and are worth playing.


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