Tips for Making Housecleaning an Easy to Do Habit!


The house is a total mess again, and you just can’t face it. Dirty windows, filthy sinks, dusty furniture, it can all be a bit too much, and you feel like Cinderella praying for her prince to come and release her from the drudgery! The daily chores of housekeeping don’t have to be a big pain and take up a lot of your time if you just develop a few good habits that are soon to be second nature to you!

tips for making housecleaning an easy to do habit

• Window Washing – Let’s start with the windows. Always keep a spray-on cleaner specifically for glass surfaces on hand along with a proper cloth where they are easily accessible. Now, the trick is, that you have to use it! Make a game of it by running your finger across a corner of the glass every day until it makes a visible trail, then spray and wipe! It will only take a few minutes to do the whole interior! When you are done, reward yourself by taking a moment to enjoy the sparkling clean new view! Don’t take any personal risks on hard-to-reach heights, just call the pros for window cleaning Adelaide to come take care of those for you, and while they are there have them do the whole thing and save you a session!

• Making the Bed – Your mother used to make you do it, and it’s a good habit that you should reinstate. You may think it’s just a waste of time, but there is something about a tidy, well-made bed that gives the whole room a touch of class. Treat yourself to a variety of fun colours and patterns for your bedding so you can enjoy a fresh new look every time you change them out! It’s an easy and positive way to start your day, and will be so nice to crawl into when it’s time to say good night!

• Declutter – We have a tendency to be pack rats and collect a bunch of useless junk over time, with the idea that we might eventually find a use for it, which we usually don’t! Now, grab a big box and go hunting for anything that you can’t honestly say still sparks joy in you, and when that box is full, out it goes with the rubbish! Instant housecleaning with minimum effort!

• The Daily Laundry – It’s tempting to put off doing the laundry until you have accrued such a huge pile of it that you can’t even see the washing machine behind it, and that will take you all day to work through! Spare yourself the toil by doing one small load every day first thing in the morning. By the time you have had your coffee and breakfast, it will be ready to go in the dryer and be nice and dry, waiting for you to take it out and fold it whenever it’s convenient for you. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

You can implement this same easy, daily process for the dishes, the bath, and any other part of your home and pretty soon it will always be a snap to clean!


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