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Wendy Sellers, known as The HR Lady, is an enthusiastic business partner, trainer, and HR consultant. She aims to figure out your requirements and desired context and then can help you create and implement HR practices and policies, team building and training, and recruiting solutions designed for your unique environment and needs.

The HR Lady - Best Management Training Services

Testimonials for Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady

Engaging and relatable management conference speaker

Wendy is an engaging and relatable speaker! She had the opportunity to speak to a large audience at their seminar this year, who enjoyed her speech. She knocked it out of the park! Her program was delightful, and the audience was engaged and lively. There will be a repeat performance! Wendy is indeed an “The HR Lady.”

Very professional and accommodating

Wendy is great and tailored training to our needs. They have no reservations about her. – Human Resources, Rosen Hotels & Resorts.

What services does the HR Lady provide to their customers?

The HR Lady offers employers innovative and effective human resource management services worldwide. The HR Lady provides various services, including recruitment, training, performance management, compensation planning, employee relations, and more. In particular, the company specializes in providing high-quality management training services designed to help organizations create a better working environment and maximize productivity.

DiSC Personality Assessments

Understand yourself, your colleagues, and your employees so you can perform what you need to do what they are required to do. Decrease turnover, improve engagement, and increase productivity with DiSC.

Supervisor/ Manager Training

Managers should train employees to use current events, team values, and behavioral modifications to encourage significantly high retention levels and low turnover. A distinctive emphasis on feedback, values, behavioral modifications, and schedule abnormalities contributes to success.


Interactive workshops are offered to attendees with proper skills they can use immediately. It can take place virtually or in person. Let’s improve your team’s culture today.

HR Advisory Services

Specialists can provide helpful HR advice, recruiting, and coaching as challenges arise in your organization. These services include doing HR exams, improving your policies, checking the compensation system, and investigating compliance.

Management Tools

Downloadable management and human resources tools can help you manage your employees’ careers more effectively. Download a handbook, job description templates, forms for feedback, and more.


Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, divides complex ideas into manageable chunks and zeroes in any sugar coating! Be a better leader. Nurture respect among your subordinates.


Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, is an engaging and relatable management conference speaker known for her expertise in Human Resources. She provides a range of services to customers to help them maximize the potential of their teams and achieve successful outcomes. Her services include business strategy development, leadership training and coaching, employee engagement programs, and more. Wendy is well-known for her innovative approach to problem-solving, which has helped countless businesses reach new heights.


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