The Essential Equipment for a Floor Scraping Business


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Removing the surface of a floor is a messy task, and a floor scraping machine is an essential piece of equipment in the floor removal industry. It can remove ceramic tiles, vinyl composition tiles, hardwood floors, and elastomeric coating. The physical labour involved in the removal process is very little, and the task is also completed in a short time.
The two most popular types of floor scraping machines are Walk-behind floor scrapers and Ride-on machines. Before choosing a floor scraper machine for your business, consider the upfront costs and potential production rates for each piece of equipment.

The Essential Equipment for a Floor Scraping Business

Types of floor scrapers

Ride-on: Ride-on flooring removal equipment runs on batteries or propane, and the operator rides on it. It is heavy and applies more downward pressure to strip the flooring with ease. By using the right speed and torque, you can complete the work quickly.

Walk-behind: It is lighter than the Ride-on floor scraper, and they are great for floors covered with vinyl tile, carpets, or other materials that are not very hard. You can use it to remove wood or ceramic tiles from concrete. The blades of this machine will get damaged soon if they are used on hard surfaces.

Hand-held: It is affordable equipment that you can use with ease. It is for floor removal in confined areas like offices or stairwells, but it is labour intensive. People in the floor removal industry do not prefer it. It has a T-bar handle and allows you to walk behind it and tackle the floor coverings.

How to choose a floor scraper?

A ride-on floor scraper is ideal when the work is done in vast spaces like warehouses, gyms, common areas, and playground surfaces, with no or few distractions like walls or columns. If you remove the flooring from wood or lightweight concrete, walk-behind floor scrapers are the best option. You can use the hand-held floor scraper to supplement the ride-on or walk-behind floor scraper.

When should you remove the flooring?

There are several reasons for removing the flooring. Most of the time, you don’t know what happens below your flooring. A problem in the floor below the vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, or wooden flooring may need a renovation, and you have to strip the flooring surface to rectify the problem. You may want to change it to give a fresh look to the place.

Squeaky floor

Softwood subfloors can warp or twist, and the nails become loose from the joist. This loosening causes the wooden floor to squeak when the wood rubs against the nail. Only by removing the top surface of the squeaky floor can the problem be identified.

Sinking sections

Water is always an enemy of the floor. A leakage or drainage issue below the floor surface causes the wooden flooring to decay, and sections may sink in. You have to strip the surface to seal the leakage, clean the area, and lay new flooring.

Cracked tiles

Whether you have vinyl tiles or ceramic tiles, cracking or popping tiles indicate replacing the flooring. Cracking or popping can happen only when there is a problem in the subfloor. You should remove all the tiles and lay them only after the issue is solved.

Scraping the floor and laying a new one has become an easy task when it is done with a floor scraper machine. Even when you have no problem with the floor, you can change it to give a new look to the place.


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