Outdoor Patio Remodeling Tips and Ideas


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An outdoor space where you can relax, enjoy the greenery, and have some friends over is a good way to spend some time outside especially during the colder months. If you are planning to remodel your patio, here are some ideas you can try:

Outdoor Patio Remodeling Tips and Ideas

1. Neutral Surfaces

White, gray, and nude tones are the most popular colors in interior design. Add a modern touch to your patio by incorporating neutral colors to your outdoor couch, chairs, and tables. If you are planning to plot flowering plants around your patio, a neutral theme is a perfect base for florals to pop. If minimalism is your style, opt for grey porcelain tiles or a wood-paneled deck to keep surfaces tonal.

2. Exterior Door

Having a direct door to your patio means you can easily step in and out of your house to get to your cozy outdoor space. If you do not have one yet, maybe an exterior door installation will solve it for you. Keeping your patio accessible and within reach will make it feel more like an extension of your home instead of a commercial space.

3. Wall Planters

A simple way to add a touch of flair to your patio is by installing wall planters. Succulents and climbing vines are the perfect plants to add accent to your patio walls as they are easy to take care of. These plants don’t require a lot of watering and effort; what they mostly need is enough sunlight. Greenery softens the space and gives a sense of calmness and relaxation.

4. Fire Pit or Bowl

An outdoor fireplace where everyone can sit around and get cozy is always a good idea. It provides warmth and light while adding a rustic character to your outdoor patio. It can also be a source of fun for kids (with adult supervision, please!) by grilling hotdogs, corns, or marshmallows.

5. Breakfast Nook

Create a cozy outdoor corner where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, or invite over some friends for a glass (or maybe two) of wine. Just find a place where you can set up a circular table and a couple of chairs. Additional tip: small and compact shelves where you can put books and magazines is a good way to provide entertainment for your guests.

6. Fountain

There is something so soothing and relaxing about the sound of water splashing and continuously flowing. Hence, making it a must-have addition to your outdoor patio. Enjoy the sound of fountain water while sipping your iced tea on a hot summer day. There are tons of fountain designs and models available in the market, so there is surely one that will suit your patio theme.

7. Colorful Throw Pillows

One easy and affordable way to spice up your patio is changing up your throw pillows. If you have a neutral-colored couch, florals and colors are an excellent option. However, if your couch is in bold color, look for throw pillows with unique prints while keeping the colors close to your couch. If you want to be a little playful, you can try color blocking and matching your couch to throw pillows with contrasting colors.

8. String Lights

String lights or some call it fairy lights (I do!) are all the rage these days, and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. If you still haven’t gotten your hands on one, you should. Aside from beautifully illuminating your patio, these lights also set the mood once the sun sets. These lights add a romantic vibe to the area that is perfect for outdoor dinner dates.

9. Plants – Lots of it

What is an outdoor patio without plants? Aside from adding colors and beauty to the surroundings, plants can help reduce stress levels and give the feeling of comfort. It is also a known fact that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality.

10. Hammock

A hammock makes a comfortable seat for you and your visitors. Tie a rope on both ends to a sturdy tree or a pole. There are also hammocks with stands widely available online if there are no trees or poles present. If you live with kids, you can opt for swing chairs since these are safer and are usually hung lower than a hammock.


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