Mobile Phones and Children – Pros And Cons


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Nowadays, apartmani za kratok prestoj skopje cell phones aren’t just for adults. When it comes to getting a phone for a child, there are many factors to consider, from money to cyberbullying. Although cell phones are useful, should children have one? You are probably reminded of this fact so frequently that you are beginning to feel like a stick in the mud because it appears that all of the friends of your children have smartphones. Is it really that important to give your younger kids a phone? When should kids get phones, anyway?

We, at, created a list of pros and cons to help you understand and decide whether it is beneficial or not to give your kid a smartphone at an early age.


Keeping in touch popova sapka smestuvanje

Even young children appear to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, school events, and outings with friends. In the event that they require a ride or alter their plans, having a phone allows them to stay in touch with you. Kids don’t have to feel embarrassed about not having a phone because phones make it easier for them to keep in touch with their friends. You might be able to answer the question, “When should kids have a phone?” by looking at how often your kids go to activities or hang out with friends.


If the children have phones, both their parents and the children can always reach each other. Additionally, there are tracking applications that can be used to monitor children’s movements and keep them under control. Having a cell phone will make it much simpler for kids to call you in an emergency due to the increased number of activities and events they participate in today. If your child is hurt during an extracurricular activity, they can call you to let you know. GPS location sharing apps on your child’s phone can help you locate them in more serious circumstances. Your child’s phone will allow you to precisely locate them if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation.


Mobile phones cost a lot. They can learn cost management and develop a sense of responsibility by owning a phone.

Social advantages

Children want to follow in their peers’ footsteps. In wealthy nations, most children already have phones. As a result, it’s possible that not having a phone is a sign of social awkwardness. Smartphones make it easy to plan outings with other kids. Even when they are away on vacation, children are better connected to their friends thanks to their phones. Additionally, scientific research suggests that smartphones can help children with autism improve their social and communication skills.


Screen Addiction smestuvanje vo ohrid

Screen addiction is one of the greatest dangers that kids who have cell phones face. Your child’s brain is still developing, so increasing their use of technology may have a negative impact on their processing capacity and attention span. Your child may eventually develop an unhealthy reliance on technology and a screen addiction if they spend too much time in front of a screen.

Risks of the web

Internet access to inappropriate content is difficult to control. Extreme violence, pornography, advocacy for anorexia, and hatred of ethnic or religious groups are some of the things that parents want their children to stay away from at all costs. However, it is impossible to block all of this content, and children occasionally discover ways to circumvent restrictions.

Effects on your child’s health

An excessive use of technology can be harmful to your child’s mental and physical health. If your child starts using their phone too much, it may prevent them from getting the exercise they need. Your child may also begin to develop unhealthy expectations of how they should act or look as a result of things like social media. Anxiety, depression, and body image issues can result from these unreasonable expectations.


In the event that kids don’t adhere to certain principles of utilization they might deliver extraordinary expenses for their folks. Breaking or losing a phone is a frequent occurrence. Smartphones are frequently taken from children. In addition, they could use 3G or 4G without a WiFi connection, make calls outside of their cell phone plans, and download numerous applications. Due to their children’s irresponsible phone use, some parents have received shocking phone bills.

Other use that isn’t right

Some kids upload inappropriate photos and videos to Instagram or Snapchat using their phones. Smartphones have also become a tool for children’s bullying, sexual harassment, and blackmail.

Therefore, the next time you consider the question, “When should kids have a phone?” Take into consideration some of these advantages and disadvantages of having a cell phone for your child. Additionally, you might wonder, “When should kids get phones?” But keep in mind: There is no “right” age at which kids should get phones; your child’s maturity and what you think is best for your family should ultimately guide your decision. Don’t feel pressured to buy your child a phone just because all of their friends have one, even if you’re starting to feel like a stick in the mud.


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