Innovative Developments in Glass


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Technological advances are always happening and more often than not they are subtle tweaks to everyday things that you don’t even notice. Other times it can be a big technical overhaul that proves to be revolutionary and innovative. It is amazing when you think of some of the changes that have happened due to technology and now it is the turn of glass.

Innovative Developments in Glass

Glass, glass, glass

Although only really used within construction as material for windows and small glass panels as part of a door, recently more and more glass has been used as technology becomes more advanced. This could be for anything from patio doors and extensions to the sliding glass doors that you see on modern buildings. It might not come as too much of a surprise, but all of these designs are created with a view towards protecting you from the elements of the outside world.

What’s it for?

Some windows have been adapted so they serve multiple purposes. Although you can still look out of them as would initially be intended, there are also materials within the glass that can help to provide some kind of protection to defend against the sun’s rays. This is through a thin metallic coating on the outside of the windows themselves, blocking up to 80 per cent of the infrared rays that would normally be coming through. In addition to this, the properties within the window can also help to prevent glare from the window as light is refracted through it. While this can be utilized internally, it can also be changed by remote control to make the windows more opaque, making it harder for prying eyes to look in and providing another effective method of boosting security on top. If a building can make you feel secure as well as comfortable, then in reality it is offering the best of both worlds.

Keeping it local

All of these designs can be implemented anywhere across the globe with many companies adding it to their repertoire as they look to keep up with the world around them and it is no different in Nevada. With soaring temperatures often peaking at 41 degrees Celsius, having these temperature-controlled windows are must-haves as people look to make the most of the technology they have available so that they can adapt and thrive. At they offer specially designed glass in order to make an ideal home or work space more bearable to work in. If the technology is available, why not use it? You will likely regret it if you don’t take advantage while you can. Who knows, if you are ready, you might eventually be able to be part of the next technological revolution, rather than a late comer.

While it isn’t the be all and end all as far as technology goes, with all the advances that have happened over the last few years, it wouldn’t be surprised to see it all go a bit further in the future. It’s more of a case of being ready when it does happen so that you are not left out in the cold.


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