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Contemporary bathrooms are stylish additions to any home. It’s crucial to make a difference between two commonly confused concepts: modern and contemporary. Contemporary interior design is about using simple silhouettes and shapes for a minimalistic vibe. Even though it borrows some trends from the modern interior design, it implies its unique look and feels to create a stunning space. Countertop are trending nowadays in bathroom interiors and many big celebs are switching to them in nice way. Professional countertop installers are playing their job in a very interesting way to recreate a mesmerizing look of your bathroom. Some characteristics of contemporary bathroom style include cool hues – even though there are also warm tone contemporary bathroom designs, sharp edges, sleek, futuristic trends and updated materials. So, some of the practical tips include a careful choice of materials and bathroom fittings. Also, colours need to be taken into consideration together with the right countertop and backsplash. The general idea of a contemporary bathroom is to keep it simple, open and minimalistic. Lighting, textures and other details also make essential aspects of a contemporary bathroom design, and you need to choose them wisely. One of the sure ways to update your home’s look is through revamping your bathroom.

Ideas to Create a Contemporary Bathroom Interior

1. The choice of materials matters

There are various choices when it comes to designing a contemporary bathroom design. You can incorporate a vast range of diverse materials in this style. Some material options include laminates, plastics, wood, metal, stone and porcelain, among other things. Materials characteristic of a contemporary interior design style usually have clear design lines and are often eco-friendly. Natural materials are best known for adding a nice touch to the overall décor. One amusing thing you can do is use the countertop material in other places around the bathroom to create a focal point or an interesting detail.

2. Essential bathroom fittings to consider

Necessary bathroom fittings include the bathtub, the shower, the sink and the toilet. You can always go with brands like grohe showers. You should carefully consider them for this particular style. It’s also essential to allocate plenty of functional space for each area. For instance, if you have a small bathroom, perhaps a freestanding tub wouldn’t be the best choice as it would look cramped and hence, the overall design would suffer. As for the shower, contemporary bathroom designs prefer glass shower designs for a sleek look. When it comes to the toilet, many contemporary bathroom designs incorporate a smart toilet or a bidet. That is for utmost comfort and health.

3. Mind the colour palette

The contemporary bathroom design uses simple and stark colour shades. These are usually bright whites, blacks and different kinds of grey or even beige shades. They can work as a base colour for your bathroom, and you can use other hues of the same colour to add some accent. For instance, what you can do is use white for your wall colour and a dark shade of grey for cabinetry. On top of that, you can add metallic hardware for an ultimately polished look. That is a typical contrasting combination characteristic of a contemporary bathroom design. There are other combinations as well, but this is the way you should be thinking in.

4. Keep it simple

The contemporary look is all about keeping it simple, even though you perhaps haven’t been aware of that. Using the right forms and shapes is quintessential. For smaller bathrooms in question, the features of contemporary bathroom design such as clear lines and sharp edges will work to your benefit. These features also work well for large bathrooms. Silhouettes that are usually found in the bathroom should be elegant and efficient at the same time. For instance, it’s popular to double the vanity with the cabinetry on both sides of the bathroom. You can find them in many materials such as copper, glass and stainless steel, so you can opt for the one that fits in the most with your plans.

5. Keep it open

Keeping the bathroom open is yet another characteristic of a contemporary bathroom design. Regardless of whether you’re designing a small or a large bathroom, you should always strive for keeping the space as open as possible. We often cram our bathrooms with too many pieces of furniture and other things, that we lose the feeling of spaciousness and openness. You can create an illusion of bigger and more open space with the addition of a few large mirrors. Also, a glass shower and a floating vanity add to this illusion. All of the things mentioned, in combination with a light colour scheme will create a sense of open space that is characteristic of contemporary design.

6. Pick out the perfect countertop and backsplash

Countertop and backsplash are two essential components of every bathroom, and they should be carefully considered and picked out to suit the contemporary design you’re going for. Some popular options include darker granite, lighter woods and laminates. As for the backsplash, glass or stone finishes are the best options. For a completely contemporary look, stay away from marble countertops and tiled backsplash.

7. Update lighting

There should be plenty of natural lighting. The bathroom looks completely different when there’s a lot of natural light. So, if you have a window or windows in your bathroom, definitely take advantage of them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should overlook lighting, as there isn’t always natural light. Besides the overhead lighting, think about adding accent lighting for depth, ambient lighting for illumination and task lighting for functionality. All in all, the lighting should be well layered.

8. Pay close attention to tile textures

You should be pretty considerate when it comes to tile choice. You shouldn’t opt for tiles that are too glossy and slippery for a shower base, as they pose a serious health hazard. Instead, they should be anti-slippery. Conversely, tiles whose surfaces are too rough can be harder to clean as they trap grime. So, ideally, you should go for tiles that are neither too smooth nor too rough. If you decide to use natural stone tiles, make sure that you seal them. So, they are more water-resistant.

9. Decide on the overall style

When it comes to the overall style of a contemporary bathroom design, before doing any work, you should consider what looks there are and choose one that suits you the most. It can be something ultra-contemporary, warm contemporary, simple contemporary, glamorous, dark and relaxing, minimalist white, or intriguing contemporary, among others.

Do thorough research and find some inspiration in contemporary bathroom design ideas online. Think about your preferences and start making some changes. Don’t forget to add some unique details to make your bathroom even more personal and enticing.


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